Tips for Managing Anxiety When Attending Concerts

After coming across a recent article, I realized that, even though I have done a handful of these Fangirl guides to concerts, I left out something important. Being someone who does experience anxiety, I should put out a helpful guide for those who enjoy concerts but may also have to manage their anxiety. So, I want to share my thoughts on the 20 tips that were shared in the original article (link below). I will only list the ones that make sense to me, combine some, and give more insight where I can.

20 Best Tips For Enjoying a Concert If You Have Anxiety


Tips for Managing Anxiety for Your Next Concert


  1. Bring Headphones

If loud noises cause stress for you, bring ear plugs, or even your air pods, anything that’s noise cancelling.


  1. Talk to your Loved Ones Ahead of Time

If you are going to a concert with friends and/or family, communicate with them, especially if you have any issues or concerns. They can help make a plan, in case you get overwhelmed at some point, or just need a way out. Don’t force yourself to be comfortable when you aren’t.


  1. Pick Your Seats Carefully

If you are easily overwhelmed, you might not want to get floor seats. If you do get floor seats, get an aisle seat if possible. A caveat to that, look for balcony seating at small general admission shows. But, if you would rather avoid the floor altogether, get seats on the upper level.


  1. Keep Mints or Gum with You

Personally, I keep gum on me because it has always helped calm my nerves. It helps to distract you or “transfer your train of thought”.


  1. Go Early

This could depend on the concert, but going early can be a good thing. You won’t have to rush, you can buy artist merch, food, drinks, etc… It gives you time to get to your seat and get comfortable.


  1. Get a Drink or Take Any Prescribed Medications

I put these two together because it probably isn’t the best idea to take anxiety/ depression medication and drink alcohol. Pre-gaming aka drinking before a concert is one of my favorite ways to chill out before a concert, especially if I am taking an Uber. I’m not saying get drunk, but just something to calm you down a bit.


  1. Do Self-Care Before and After

I know that this isn’t for everybody, but it can be anything you want it to be. It can also include two other tips: working out and getting enough sleep the night before.


  1. See the Venue Before Hand

This works well if you travel and can get a hotel close to the venue. But there are other ways to get a glimpse of the venue beforehand. One way is to research the venue’s website, or even google to see what it looks like. You can also drive by it to get a closer look before you go for the concert.


  1. Know the Songs

In my opinion, it’s fun to know all of the songs before going to the concert. But there is nothing wrong with experiencing some songs for the first time. I can understand, though, how knowing the songs, and even the set list, can help relieve some anxiety.


  1. Plan Escape Ahead of Time

It’s always good to have an escape plan, especially when you know you will be surrounded by a lot of people.


  1. Consider Going Solo

The idea of going solo can be overwhelming at first but it can also be a very freeing thing as well. I’ve gone to a few concerts by myself, being able to meet up with friends for a couple of them. But you can still enjoy a concert alone, and who knows, you may even meet up with others who also ventured out solo.


  1. Dress Comfortably

I mean, this goes without saying, for me, at least lol. Of course, a lot of us want to be cute and “fit the part” for certain concerts, but at least put more thought into the shoes you wear. Will you be sitting? Is it standing only? Do you have to walk to and from the venue?


Last Thoughts!

I really do hope that this helps anyone who was looking for way to best manage their anxiety. I’m sure for some, being a lover of concerts and having any type of anxiety, especially social anxiety, seems odd. But two things can exist at once. At the end of the day, though, please do not force yourself into a situation that you know is going to give you severe anxiety.


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