The Colors of Bang Yongguk Tour Experience!

I am typing this on Tuesday. We got home yesterday from Dallas, and the post-concert depression is really hitting me. It’s been a while since I’ve felt so sad after a concert, and it is a struggle right now. Plus, I’m still trying to get my voice back to normal after all the screaming I did lol.

But if you would like to know more about my first time seeing Bang Yongguk in concert, keep reading 🙂

The Concert and Seeing Yongguk for the First Time!

This concert was held at a new venue, the Echo Lounge and Music Hall, in the Downtown Dallas area. It was nice and the staff was cool. Other than prices being high for drinks (I pre-gamed at the hotel lol) and there was only one person working the merchandise table, everything was cool. And even though we got there close to when the doors would be opening, we still ended up in a good spot to see the stage.

Now when it comes to seeing Yongguk come out on that stage, I still can’t find the best words lol. Just know that I screamed from the time he got on stage until he was gone. But Yongguk really is an amazing artist and performer. His back and forth with the crowd was super cute and flirty.

He performed all my favorite songs, as well as some that I wouldn’t have expected. I did get emotional when he performed “Hikikomori”, “Ya”, “I Remember”, “Green”, and “Orange Drive”. Everything else, like his more upbeat, harder hitting songs, had us all so hype. We all vibed off each other’s energy.

For more of the Fangirl reaction to everything, as well as the concert footage that I did manage to get, check out my full experience video below!


Final Thoughts!

Overall, it was seriously one of the best concerts I have been to, next to Monsta X. And for anyone who really knows me, THAT is saying a lot. I had so much fun with my good friend “Squash” and the girls who we made friends within our section. Not getting Meet & Greet has left me with some regret, but I promise I’m okay.

Even though I feel like I am doing a lot more this year, I still don’t feel the same about concerts as I once did. I mean, it’s been a while since I started feeling that way, and even though I have been having so much fun at these recent shows, it still isn’t quite the same. And traveling is definitely taking more of a toll on me and those who typically travel with me. I do have another concert or 2 planned for next month (July) but I may end up selling my tickets, if I still feel the way that I do right now; I don’t know yet, though.

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