A Playback of My Favorite June Things!

One thing that I can say for sure is that June brought a lot of emotional moments. I don’t really know what happened exactly lol, but it’s like a switch flipped. One thing I do remember is after coming across a video on TikTok and seeing one of my Bias’ Lee Gikwang (Highlight) that I hadn’t really seen in a while, I revisited that rabbit hole. It was like hearing him (and then) for the first time, all over again.

Check out the Unboxing I did for my YouTube Channel 🙂

That brought me back to a lot of the “older” K-pop groups, my favs, a lot who are currently in the military. We have some solo music coming from iKON members. Plus, B.A.P have reunited and will be having a comeback after about 7-8 years. This will be my first comeback for them as a group.


More Music

Other than going back to playlists that consist of some of my pre-teen/ teenage Favs (Spice Girls, Britney Spears, NSYNC, BSB, B2K, Brandy, etc…) There truly has been tons of good music coming out. Keeping up with all of it is still a bit of a struggle for me, but I am here to share some of my favorites with you from this past month.

Lay Zhang is Back with New Music!

The OG K-Hip Hop Favs Epik High Dropped Their PUMP Mixtape!

Afgan Released a New Album!


Let’s Talk About This New Meg Thee Stallion Album!

I am Southern/ country girl down to my core. So, I will always be a sucker for REAL southern rap and that’s what Meg always gives us. But what I also love about her is how authentic she is. And I love that she is such a fan of a lot of things too, anime being one of the obvious ones.

I was living through her when she went to Japan! To see a black girl into anime, gaming, Asian culture, like a lot of us are, but we all get judged for it. Currently, my favorite songs are: “Broke His Heart”, “Otaku Hot Girl”, of course, with its Jujutsu Kaisen music sample and character mentions; “Mamushi”, another Japanese influenced track, “Paper Together” featuring the Texas legends UGK, “Worthy”, and “Moody Girl”.


More of My Favorite Things!

I am still very into WWE and have been watching Monday RAW and Friday Night Smackdown every week. The drama, storytelling, and acting lately has been Oscar-worthy. Speaking of drama, I have been keeping up with Formula 1 racing a lot more as well, watching all the action early in the morning these last couple of weekends. It really has been a lot of fun getting back into Sports. I never stopped, but it’s been a while since I’ve been this invested.

I’ve been trying to make time to binge new shows on Netflix, as well. I am almost done with the Formula 1: Drive to Survive docuseries, as well as the K-drama Killer Paradox. I have a long queue full of more K-Dramas, docuseries, and anime that I need to catch up on. My mood changes so often these days, so it all depends on how I’m feeling.


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