Luke Christopher is Back with TmrwTmrw III!

It’s artists and music like this that make it easy to take a break from the rabbit hole that K-Pop threw me in lol. I have been a fan of Luke Christopher since around 2016. It’s been a while since he released a full project like this, but it was totally worth the wait. When it comes to Luke, I have a lot of emotions attached to his music, and this album is no different.

I was trying to take my time with this one and not rush to put it up. Luke always has such deep meanings in his music. Obviously, I won’t be able to sit here and break down every little thing in every song, so I’ll just share my thoughts LOL. But I always recommend checking these artists and albums out for yourself.


Let Me Reintroduce You to Luke Christopher!

Now, I could sit here and spit out his bio for you, but I won’t. But just keep in mind that Luke is a singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, arranger, to name a few. His style, vibe, and stage presence are incredible, and seeing him live for the first time, and being able to interact with him, remains a precious core memory for me. I am looking forward to seeing him on that stage again, and hopefully meeting him this time.

I have done a good number of posts about Luke and his releases over the years, so I don’t feel the need to copy and paste some of the more basic information about him and his bio. When it comes to his music, my thoughts, my favorites, and even how I became a fan, check out the links below 😊


TmrwTmrw III… My Review!

I love the first track and lead single “Where Have You Been?” because it gives me those old Luke Christopher feels from his other projects. A little more Pop/Dance with a catchy chorus. “Red Light” has this crazy, almost 80s, synth type sound, which I love so much. “Cumulus Nimbus” is a favorite for me. It’s such a different “theme”/ topic, and I absolutely adore the melodies and the lyrics.

“Skeletons” almost reminds me of one of his older songs “Atlas”. The song talks about making mistakes and having regrets. “Married Ppl” was a surprise to me, lyrically, but I loved the Pop/ Punk/ Rock sound to it. But, again, it’s another super honest take on relationships, and in this case, married couples, and being on the outside looking in.

I am always so appreciative of Luke’s openness and honesty in his records. He shares the softer and more vulnerable side of growing up and, being in relationships. He does have some fun songs that share a brighter side, but I love it all. He’s more than just a rapper or a singer, he’s an ARTIST and it shows with every project he drops. For the last 7 years or so I’ve been a fan, he’s remained true to himself while still exploring things musically.

Since the new video isn’t up yet, please enjoy one of my favorites that I mentioned earlier in this post, “Atlas” 🙂

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