I.M. Puts Fans’ Emotions into Overdrive!

More amazing music from my favorite K-Pop group, Monsta X. The youngest member, I.M., who is known as 1 of the 2 rappers in the group, as well as a very talented vocalist and songwriter, has released his first official solo EP titled Overdrive. He has dropped other music in the past, but like fellow member Joohoney, this is his first OFFICIAL release with a physical copy and promotional period. I pre-ordered the album as soon as it was available to do so, so be on the look out for an unboxing very soon 🙂


Overdrive – EP… My Review!

If you have listened to any of Monsta X’s music before now, keep in mind that the music I.M. makes is different. He has always made more sensual, R&B music. The lyrics have always been more “grown”. This is not to say that Monsta X has not had those types of songs on their albums. The vibe has just been different and showcases his personality as an individual, and his personal taste when it comes to music.

The title track “Overdrive” is a strong start to this EP, and he also dropped an action-packed video to go with it. Even though I know that he is fluent in English, I was surprised that most of the chorus is indeed in English, along with some of his other songs. His natural voice does mix well with the autotune, and I really like when it slows down about mid-way through the song. The more I listen to “Blame”, the more I fall in love with the overall vibe, and loving I.M.’s tone throughout the song that has a bit more angst.

“Dumb” is so catchy and I found myself singing along quickly. The beat on this track is very hypnotizing, to me, and I love it. Also, don’t let the title fool you lol 🙂 Two out of the last 3 tracks, “Habit” and “Not Sorry” have more of a jazz feel to them and his voice is bit softer and richer, respectively, which is a nice a change of pace from him.

“More“ is definitely a more sensual song, which is something I would expect from him, since he has always been open and honest when it came to his solo  music. The more I listen to this EP, the more I have trouble choosing a favorite. I thought “Not Sorry” was my favorite, and it is, but with the rest of the EP as well. He did such as amazing job on this project and I am so proud of him!


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 *The Unboxing is Live on My Youtube Channel Now!!*

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