The Renaissance! Luke Christopher’s New Project

Happy Friday my beautiful readers! It always feels good to be able to talk about one of my favorite people, Luke Christopher 🙂 He has a new project called The Renaissance where he will be releasing a new song every week for 52 weeks. Insane, right?! But I am definitely excited about it.

I had been trying to figure out how I was going to talk about this, especially since it’s an on-going thing. But after Luke dropped an official trailer for The Renaissance, a new movement of his, I figured, what better timing than right now. I mean, it’s been awesome that Luke has been so active on social media since this thing got started. But, I also am super curious as to where he plans on taking this thing…

The Renaissance So Far…

Well, as of right now, we are in week 11, and he released a song called “Take My Breath Away” which is another instant favorite; it sounds different from the others and I really love his voice on it. In the beginning, I don’t think any of us knew what he was going to do. He used to do this kind of thing on Soundcloud where he would release a new track once a week on “TMRW Tuesdays”. You can check some of my older posts about him and you’ll see what I mean. Luke has been doing a lot; posting often on social media and he’s even gone live a couple of times.

I do have some favorites, and those are: “Trouble” (week 1), “Just Watch” (week 4), “Sober” (week 5), and “Say it Back” (week 7). Those are just the ones that I found replaying over and over again. The others have grown on me, though, and I love Luke’s variety in all of these songs so far. Other than the ones I mentioned, he has “Heart$”, “In the Night” featuring Siena Streiber, who he has collaborated with before, “Grass and Dirt” , “Sibling Love”, “Girls in Their 20s”, and “Don’t Look Me Over”.

Also, he released a visual for “Just Watch”, the hardest hitting Hip Hop track from The Renaissance, in my opinion. Check it out below…

The Trailer & What’s to Come…

So, a lot of what Luke is doing, made more sense after watching the official trailer for The Renaissance. BUT, a big part of me is still curious about whether or not this is just a build up for something even bigger. Also, are we going to get merchandise and a tour at some point (we all know I’m still trying to make up for my meet & greet missed opportunity from the Hype Tour LOL)? I did see that he mentioned in an interview that he’s been working on another full album/ project as well.

But, until we get more information from Luke or his people, I will continue to enjoy a new song every week from one of my favorite people in music. Like I’ve mentioned before, I have been a fan for 4 years or so and I will continue to show my love and support for him. I’m still hoping that more people will see what we see when it comes to him. He’s so young and still so ahead of his time.

Check out this article from Hip Hop DX!

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