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iKON is Back and Ready to Take Off!

Me being a fan of iKON is one of those situations where I started as a casual listener. I even mentioned them in a blog post a while back, but never openly fangirled about them. But after something sparked my interest in them again, I revisited their music and officially became an iKONIC (their fandom…

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Muzik Playback! (Detox Edition!)

With this Muzik Playback post, I want to sum up all of the things I enjoyed while on my “social detox”, along with some more recent favorites. Taking the time to discover and enjoy things, without having to make content around it, was enlightening. So, I won’t go into too much detail about some of…

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Gameboys… The BL Series That Won My Heart!

I randomly came across this beautiful series while scrolling through Netflix. After the very dark and violent series that is Alice in Borderland, I needed something softer and cuter. Then, Gameboys, this Philippine Boy Love (BL) web series from 2020 popped up. Netflix has season 1, but I had to search for the movie (Tubi…

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