Celebrating 8 Years with Muzik Junqie!

And we’re back to celebrate another year of Muzik Junqie. I still can’t believe I have had this blog for this long. But I am proud for holding on to it for this long, especially with all the struggles I’ve had. I have learned to not put too much pressure on myself, and to just do what comes natural.

Just for fun, here are 8 fun/ random facts about me 😊

  1. #8 is my favorite/ lucky number.
  2. It’s also my birth month (August)
  3. I loved and played basketball since I was little, and Kobe Bryant was my favorite player. I have his original “8” jersey.
  4. I was born and raised in southwest Louisiana… A proud Creole girl.
  5. Lime green is my favorite color (and my birthstone, Peridot)
  6. I’m an only child
  7. My original dream career was to be a fashion designer. I have notebooks full of sketches
  8. I have worked in the media industry for the last 8 years; haven’t found my dream role yet, though.


I’m a Millennial, of course I live for Nostalgic Moments!

Even though I experienced a lot of new things last year (2023), Nostalgia played a large role in how I listened and watched. One big Nostalgic moment from last year was the return of NSYNC, and their brief return to music for the first time in 20+ years. That moment alone made me reflect on what I was watching and listening to back when NSYNC were taking over the world (with other boybands). Of course, playlists were made that I keep in rotation.

Another moment of Nostalgia for me was jumping back into the WWE universe. This is something I enjoyed watching when I was a lot younger. I did get away from it once I was in high school and college, especially. But late last year I started seeing Roman Reign pop up on my social media feeds and Rock made his return.

Then I realized how I hadn’t fully paid attention to the USO Twins, and the rest of the roster that were younger and around my age, that had taken over. That led me down another fangirl rabbit hole, and now I have 2 WWE events I’ll be attending in the first part of this year (post coming soon).


The Music

Yes, I do still listen to K-Pop, so it was more than just a passing trend for me. But I am listening to more to the ones that got me into the genre and kept me there, like: Monsta X, Got7, BTS, EXO, ATEEZ, KARD, HIGHLIGHT, iKON, and B.A.P.; as well as some of the solo projects from the members of those groups. And I do still enjoy some K R&B artists.

And I also realized how important it is to find entertainers who are close to my age and/ or have been inspired by the same things and people. There’s nothing wrong with liking younger artists and entertainers, but it can be hard to connect with them and the fans who are their age. Not to say I’ve had people younger than me be mean or rude, but some situations are a reminder of how young I am not. I’m not known for looking my age anyway lol, but it still plays a part in all of it for me.


Getting Back to Basics 😊

To be honest, I have no real solid plans for this blog at the moment. I am perfectly okay with that. But I do know the direction I want to go. I want to get back to what made me start this blog in the first place. This blog was to continue to fangirl, find a community who did the same, and to share some of my favorite music, especially those that some of you may have not heard of.

When it comes to social media, it’s a lot of the same. The purpose is to share things that make me happy and connect with others into the same things. I also love when other fans introduce me to their favorite things as well. But you can look forward more music content, as well as Anime, and maybe even some WWE content.


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