October Vibes from the Favs!

After going through some old posts, I realized that I don’t need to separate my favorite K-Pop posts from the other music genres I listen to. So, this October post is going to be the start of me combining all my Favs. Because of that, this post may be a little all over the place, but for those who know me, that’s normal LOL. And if you get to the end, you’ll see what rabbit hole I’ve recently jumped into 😊


iKON’s BOBBY is Back with a New Solo EP!

I have been excited for this since the concert! He and the other members talked about this a lot during the show, and Bobby was excited. He said it was going to be a little different and hinted at it being a lot more “aggressive” this time around. He proves this from the very first track called “F”; try and guess what that stands for LOL.

As of right now, though, my favorite song is “Why Stop Now”. I love hearing Bobby doing his Hip Hop thing again, but mixed with that rock sound, because he’s obviously a rock star. And I really like “Hercules” too. It has a very “futuristic”, fast-paced, house/ techno sound to it. It sounds chaotic but I love it.

Trigger Warning: Explicit language, flashing lights, acts of violence


ZELO Drops Surprise Single for Fans!

One of my newly discovered Bias Wreckers, Zelo, formerly of B.A.P. dropped a ‘surprise’ song recently. It’s called “Possessed” and he dropped it on his birthday. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised that he was singing on this one. And I really love it and love his voice on this one.


NCT 127 is Back with 5th Album!

When it comes to NCT, in general, I haven’t been listening to them much. But with NCT 127 dropping a new project, and they were the first NCT unit I got into, I decided to check it out. Not sure what I was expecting, but the music is still very “on brand” for them. They have always included different sounds and genres in their music, and still heavily inspired by black music, since they still have black songwriters and producers on the payroll at the label.

And I guess when it comes to them, I still gravitate to those heavy R&B and Hip Hop influenced songs. My favorite songs so far are: “Parade”, “Yacht” (and check the old school sample on this one), and “Love is a beauty”. Their vocalists really showed out on this album, though, and I love that so much for them!


EXO’s D.O. Drops New Solo Mini Album!

EXO’s D.O. is up there as one of my favorite K-Pop vocalists. His sound has always been so soulful and laid back. This new EP has more Pop tracks on it, but they’re cute. I do have some favorites, like “Somebody”, “Lost”, and “The View”.


New Album from DPR IAN!

I was hooked on the very first instrumental song! And the more I listened, the more I feel like it sets the perfect vibe for October. For this one, at the moment, I can’t choose a favorite song. These songs have a heavy Pop/ Rock sound, with a little Funk mixed in there. Everything is so vibey and dreamy, and I love it, especially for this time of year, and with my current state of emotions.


The Rose Drops Anticipated New Album!

It looks like the guys from The Rose are officially international rock stars! I truly love that for them. Their music has always been beautiful, even when Woosung released his solo projects. This new 11 song album DUAL has a very easy-going Pop/Rock vibe to it.


New 30 Seconds to Mars Album!

Keeping with the dreamy October vibes, is a group I’ve been a fan of for a while now but haven’t been keeping up with lately. I saw this new album and couldn’t wait to listen to it. It is a beautiful body of work, and I love every single song. I feel like if you like any of the groups above (as well as maybe Post Malone) then you will enjoy and appreciate this album.


*Bonus (Random) Playlist Addition!

I recently jumped back into the rabbit hole that is WWE. It may sound random but it’s not LOL. I was a big fan growing up but kind of stopped keeping up with it as much once I was out of high school. But some random events and social media feed recommendations led me back.

In short, I have added the entrance music of a couple of fighters, the USO twins, to one of my “Hype” playlists. And I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos and matches to catch up on anything. But music and culture are huge within WWE, and the other wrestling platforms.


Fangirl Update/ Final Thoughts!

The more I mix in the music and other things I used to enjoy (pre-K-pop/J-Pop), the more slowly I am pulling myself away from that part of my fangirl universe. I am becoming even more selective on what and who I spend my money on. This past year has been full of K-Pop concerts, and even though they were fun, and I met a lot of cool fans there, I still don’t feel like it’s an environment I feel super comfortable and confident in. I may just be growing out of certain environments…

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