Fall is Here! Muzik Playback!

I know it’s been a while since I have done a music post/ Muzik Playback post. And while trying to plan in between concert adventures, and other life things, I just didn’t make the time to write up something. Plus, I have been struggling with finding inspiration/ motivation to write and create content in general. But now that I’m finally able to (kind of) sit back and reflect on the music I have been listening to, new and old, for the last month or so, I figured now was a good time to post something.

Might be a little all over the place with this one, but that’s just how my brain works sometimes LOL.


NSYNC is Back!

It started with an appearance at this year’s MTV Awards that lead to the announcement of NSYNC dropping a new song after 20+ years. It’s for the upcoming Trolls movie soundtrack. Fans like me, who have been around since the beginning have been posting non-stop, sharing stories, and interacting with each other. This song, called “Better Place”, was made for us, the fans.


Monsta X’s Joohoney Drops OST for New K-Drama!

I was not expecting any new music from Joohoney right now, but I am not mad. Other than looking forward to new photos from his military group on Fridays, this new songs was a pleasant surprise 😊 He apparently wrote the melody and lyrics, and recorded the new song “Hip Hop” for the new JTBC comic crime drama “Behind Your Touch” prior to his enlistment. I was not expecting him to go THAT hard for an OST, but at the same time, I wouldn’t expect anything less from our electric rapper/ singer/ performer Joohoney.


A New OST from iKON’s Ju-Ne!

As I am here still freaking out over being so close to this man, aka my iKON Bias, we got a new song! Ju-Ne is in a new K-Drama called ‘Twinkling Watermelon” and has a song for the soundtrack. I am so proud of him for everything he’s done and seeing him pursue acting on top of it all. This time around, though, Ju-ne is in a band so he gets to do his thing.

I have always felt that he has the perfect voice to be a Rock lead. This song, “Higher” is an upbeat, Pop/ Rock track, and Ju-Ne sounds incredible on it, as expected.


Friend Recommendation: Q-Pop

Having friends that are just as into music as you, if not more, and they love sending you new music, is so fun! One of my closest friends asked me about Q Pop one day. I was confused but also intrigued lol. She sent me a couple of things and I was in love already. So, you know I had to go in and do even more research on this.

Here are a couple of the Q-Pop groups whose music I’ve been enjoying.

Ninety One

Ninety One is a Kazakhstani self-managed boy group, consisting of 4 members: Alem, ACE, ZaQ, and Bala. They debuted in 2015 and are the first Q-Pop group, starting this new genre. Q-Pop is based on Western Pop and K-Pop.



ALPHA is a 5 member Kazakhstani group, consisting of members: A.Boo, Dark, I, N.B, and Qozzy. They debuted in 2021 under TEN label.


Comfort Playlists (Yes, this is a thing)…

If you aren’t familiar with the term “comfort playlist”, it’s basically those artists, songs, or albums that you’ve always loved and always go back to, no matter what new music is out. It usually depends on my mood or if I have a concert adventure coming up or not. Lately it’s been a mix of concert planning/ post-concert depression, missing my K-Pop Ults, and re-living my pre-teen/ teenage days lol.

Monsta X

With 3 of the 6 members currently serving in the military, and the other 3 done with recent comeback promotions, we don’t have any new music from them. We do have some fun content on Youtube, though, which has been comforting, but still makes me (us) miss them. And even though it’s a while from now, I can’t wait to celebrate their 10th group anniversary with them in 2025, once they are back together. This is definitely one of my least favorite things about being a K-Pop fan, but what can you do?

My current playlist consists of all their group releases, as well as their solo projects.


I was already listening to them a lot, especially before seeing them in concert. But after that concert, I went back to it. That was one of the best concert experiences I’ve had in a while, and I do miss them. The post-concert depression didn’t hit as bad this time around, but I guess because I didn’t have many regrets *shrugs*.


Not sure when I made my way back to this playlist LOL. It was before I knew they were coming back with this new song, though. But to be honest, I was probably having one of those moments where no other music was helping me get through the day, especially new music, so I went to the throwback. It’s been a part of my ever since, especially on those tougher work days.


Next Concert Adventure: VAV in January 😊


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