Exploring the Unseen with Monsta X’s Hyungwon X Shownu!

I am so excited that I get to talk Monsta X today, so this will kind of be a Fangirl Update as well lol! There has been sad news and good news in the world of Monbebe recently. Within the last couple of months, we have gotten solo projects from Joohoney (Lights) and I.M. (Overdrive), as well as this new sub-unit release from Shownu and Hyungwon (Unseen). We have also had to experience seeing them without Minhyuk (military) and watching Joohoney leave for his enlistment as of Monday (7/24 US/ 7/25 Korea time).

More members are going to have to leave soon, I’m pretty sure, and I am not ready for that either. But because of this latest release from Shownu and Hyungwon; as well as a Joohoney plushy being released, I will be able to film a couple of unboxings.




My Review… Unseen EP!

Let’s start with the lead single “ Love Me A Little” and (OMG) how much I absolutely love this song! It’s catchy, shows off both of their voices and styles, and keeps that grown and sexy vibe that we have been getting from Monsta X as a group. I am still trying to catch my breath from that music video, though! But I really do love the lyrics dealing with basically being so caught up in someone, and just wanting them to love you.

One of my other favorites on this EP is “Roll With Me”. The sound is so different compared to the others, mixed with the lower tone of their voices, and the hook is my favorite part. I also really like “Play Me” with its R&B/ Soul/ Dance, almost Funk, vibes. “Slow Dance” is a really good one too!

Their voices are almost down to a (very sexy) whisper, but they pick it up for the chorus; this song being a lot more upbeat, more Pop/ R&B/ Dance, almost a two-step song. And I guess, looking back, I’m still warming up to “Love Therapy”, but as of right now, it’s not a favorite. I don’t hate it, or anything, but it’s just “Okay” to me right now. But overall, when it comes to sound, lyrics, and Shownu and Hyungwon’s combined vocals, it’s a very well put together EP.


Final Thoughts!

Hearing Shownu’s voice in these songs has made me realize how much I (along with other Monbebes) missed him, and we’re so happy to see him back. Being a K-Pop fan, a Monsta X fan, still feels new at times. Even though I have talked about them a lot on this blog and on my social media pages over the last several years, I still don’t feel like it shows my love and appreciation for them enough. Not every artist is appreciative of their fans, but Monsta X has always made sure to make us feel seen and loved, even though they don’t have to.

There will definitely be more Monsta X posts and youtube videos coming, as well as concert experiences, and other Fan related things.

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