SB19’s Felip Drops First Solo EP COM-PLEX!

Right when I thought I was losing some of my inspiration, here comes Felip to save the day! Felip aka Ken Suson from the Filipino boy group SB19 has dropped his first solo EP Com-Plex. I recently did a post about some of my favorite Filipino groups/ artists that I am loving right now. And to think, it all started with an amazing Filipino BL Drama Series on Netflix 🙂

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My Intro to Felip…

Prior to this EP, Felip has released 2 singles and a Live Single, with the live versions of those songs. “Palayo” is a more sultry R&B track, with sexy visuals to go with it. And “Bulan” is a more alternative, rock track, which really made me a fan of him as a solo artist. The live band version of these songs are even more spectacular, and made me love his voice even more. When I first heard his voice with SB19, of course I was in love with his deeper tone, but when I heard him belt out more R&B or slower tempo songs, I was blown away.


Com-Plex… My Review!

We got the first taste of what Felip was bringing with the lead single “ROCKSTA”, a song with Rock & Hip Hop elements. I really loved his tone and flow on this one, and the bad@ss video that goes with it. His look for this song was different than what I had been seeing from him when he was with SB19. But we love a rebel over here, so I wasn’t mad at it.

Felip did release an EP sample video before it all dropped, and I was already leaning towards “CRIMINAL”, and it is still my favorite as of now. It has a sexier vibe, and I absolutely love the guitar for the intro. His vocals in the background mixed with his deeper tone did it for me. Other than that, it’s hard to really pick a favorite.

“SUPERIORITY” has these autotune R&B vocals over a Hip Hop track, while still not even sounding like a Hip Hop song, if that makes sense LOL. Next, we have “MICTEST” which has more of an EDM, Dance vibe to it, but keeping it Hip Hop. On “DRINKSMOKE”, which I seriously love the opening music, his vocals are deeper and slightly manipulated (to me), especially on the chorus, which has this dope melody to it, as well. Lastly, on “STRAYDOGS”, it’s definitely a more Hip Hop, almost Trap vibe.


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