Social Media Detox Recap… I’m Back! (Kinda…)

I know no one missed me but I’m back! Lol… Things are going to be a little different moving forward. This is something that I should have done a long time ago, or at least periodically, before now. Social media can be a great way to connect with others and share things. But it can also be extremely toxic, and just horrible for our mental health (Captain Obvious, right? Lol).


Why I Took a Break from Social Media…

When I realized how distracted I was during the day, especially during and in between work, I knew it was time. Also, after work, I spent so much time just mindlessly scrolling. I don’t know what I was looking for, but it was all pointless. No matter how much I tried to downsize how many accounts I had, or managing who I followed, and whatnot, it still wasn’t helping.

And I’m not sure whether me joining the K-Pop and K-Drama side of social media has changed social media for me, but Twitter and Instagram aren’t the same either. TikTok was fun for a while, but I’m starting to get the same feelings there too. I truly adore the people I have met and become friends with, though, and plan to stay in touch with them. But other than them, and keeping up with my Favs, I don’t have much reason to be on social media, honestly.

Also, the expectations that I put on myself, when it came to Muzik Junqie, played a large part. I kept finding it difficult to stay consistent with my posting schedule, on social media, and on the blog. There are so many things on social media that say “Keep posting!”, “Be consistent!”, “Hustle!”, “Everything is content!”… It was too much pressure, and I was taking it personally.

Chapter 34 – Day 55 (Part 2) – Slime Dungeon 2 - The Systemic Lands ...

Social Detox Recap…

You learn a lot about yourself when you get rid of distractions and set boundaries. There’s so much more to life than trying to impress other people or going out of your way to make people like you. You will always find your true tribe when you’re being yourself. And once you find that, you’ll find that those connections are a lot more genuine.

Now, the Fangirl will be a part of me whether I’m posting about my experiences or not. It’s who I am and who I have been for a large part of my life. I love music and pop culture things. Yes, I still “obsess” over cute boys and fictional characters lol.

Fangirl / iFunny :) | Memes, Book memes, Fangirl

My thoughts surrounding music and artists have changed as well. I don’t find comfort in the same things and artists that I used to. And stepping away from all the opinions on social media made me realize that some things that you expect to be good, just aren’t. But that’s okay, we aren’t going to like everything, even if it’s our Favs who made it.


Final Thoughts!

I came back a bit later than planned due to a family emergency. Life is changing a bit on that end, but it comes with the territory. But I feel like, as I have slowly been getting back to checking my social media pages, I am approaching it differently. Now that I can scroll responsibly lol, I think I’m ready to come back on a more “regular” basis.

In all honesty, 1 month was probably not enough lol. But I guess, this technically isn’t the “end” of my detox, but I do have a lot of things I want to post. During this “break”, I have learned, for the most part, how I need to use social media, for me. Also, I plan to treat my Muzik Junqie pages as more “personal” pages, and not a business page; since I’m not a business… yet.

Also, not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur or a brand. I didn’t think building a brand, and possible business would be easy. But I didn’t expect how hard it hit me mentally, when it came to being consistent with content. Doubt in myself hurts me more than anything, so that’s what I rather make it more personal, and get back to (hopefully) having fun on social media.

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