Current November Playlist!

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to the music that I’ve had on rotation so far this November. It’s been a mix of R&B, K-Pop, M-Pop, J-Pop, J-Rock, Rock (new, alternative, and throwback metal groups). That was basically my attempt at finding the right vibe to fit what I was feeling these last couple of weeks. So, this post is mainly about some of the recent songs, and EP’s I keep going back to.

The Holidays aren’t an easy time for me, so I’ve been using music to keep me going, per usual 🙂


Maurice Moore Drops New Single “DNA” featuring Jordin Sparks

I know that I haven’t posted a lot of non-K-pop/ International artists lately, so I’m glad to include a couple in this post. Most of you who have followed me for a while, should know by now how much I love me some Maurice Moore. He recently announced that he will be dropping his new album soon. And gave us the beautiful lead single from it, called “DNA”, and features the gorgeous and talented Jordin Sparks!

This song belongs in a Disney movie. It’s so soft and almost whimsical. “DNA” is true love song, enhanced by Maurice and Jordin’s powerful vocals. Yes, I cried when I first listened to it, but once you hear it, you’ll understand.

New SOULBYSEL Compilation Featuring I.M.

Monsta X’s I.M. recently left Starship Ent but will continue with his group as normal. But he did recently sign with Sony Music Korea to pursue further solo activities. His song “nvrmnd” is featured on a compilation album called SOULBYSEL. It’s a compilation album full of K R&B artists.

It’s been fun to see I.M. come out of his shell as a person and an artist. This song is just further proof of that. The song is a sexy slow-tempo track, showcasing his soft vocals. I’m looking forward to more solo projects from him.


Kihyun Makes Solo Return with YOUTH – EP

Now, onto my K-Pop Faves, Kihyun of Monsta X… He released his second solo album called ‘Youth’. I have had this on repeat since it came out, being a different vibe from his last project ‘Voyager’. I truly love all 5 tracks on this EP, even though, it’s hard to not love “STARDUST”.

Now, some fun facts about this EP. His group mate Hyungwon wrote the songs “Bad Liar” and “Cause of You”. And Joohoney did some cute adlibs on “Cause of You” as well. I was thrilled to see that they dropped a couple of videos on Youtube, showing the recording process for those songs.

Jungkook Releases New Song for FIFA World Cup Soundtrack

This year’s FIFI World Cup (Soccer bka Futbol) is being held in Qatar this year. I was already ecstatic about it because it’s one of my favorite sports to watch. But then came the buzz of BTS’ Jung Kook performing solo for the opening ceremony. He performed a new song called “Dreamers” that is featured on the soundtrack for this World Cup.

He really looked and sounded amazing out there! I have really been loving this new chapter for him and the rest of the BTS members.

JIN Releases Solo Track & Visuals for “The Astronaut”

My love for the band Coldplay is probably what made me love this song even more. I do adore Jin’s voice on songs like this though (“Moon” still being one of my favorites). Also, I wasn’t sure what Jin was going to be putting out, since he will be the first out of BTS to leave to fulfill his mandatory military enlistment. When it comes to BTS, I still try to keep my distance.

LAY Drops New WEST – EP

I have been so obsessed with the lead single “Veil”. The music video is my favorite and I love the choreography. LAY has been a favorite of mine since before discovering the music he was making with his former K-Pop group EXO. He’s always been an amazing dancer and put out some fun Pop/ R&B bops. This project is no different.

VICTON is Back with their Choice – EP

So happy to see a comeback from these guys. Their lead single “Virus” has been stuck in my head ever since it came out. It’s a bit different but it fits them. They also play around with genres on this EP.

“Time Chaser” has more of a rock feel, while “Alive” is more Pop. But, all in all, I really do love this EP. Victon is one of those groups that deserves so much more attention and support. I’ll always get excited when they drop new music.

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