My First CIX Concert Experience!


I am back with a concert experience, my first one of 2023 (March)! CIX is a group that I have been a fan of since they debuted back in 2019. But this was my first chance getting to see them live and the wait was totally worth it! There will be no Youtube video or anything to accompany this, though, since I have no special VIP moment or anything to talk to ya’ll about *shrugs*


The CIX Experience!

Overall, this was a fun trip to Houston, TX for me. My bf traveled with me for this one, but I went to the concert by myself. But I made an amazing friend and we got to fan-girl together the entire night. We are currently keeping in touch so I’m looking forward to the next concert. There were still some frustrating moments with the overall experience, as usual, because of the venue and staff, especially my VIP mishap, but I’ll explain that later in this post.

Let’s talk about this concert, though! It was non-stop from start to finish. The crowd showed the boys so much love and gave them so much energy, it was beautiful to see. As a K-Pop fan, we go in with a specific Bias and/or Bias Wrecker and say who we think will “wreck” us. I walked out with even more love for my Bias (Seunghun aka Marc lol), and I was pretty much wrecked by the rest of the members.

But their videos do not do them justice. They also each did a solo stage. Overall, I was just extremely impressed with their whole show. I look forward to seeing them grow even more and can’t wait for more music (and concerts).

Check out some of my concert footage below!


The VIP That Wasn’t…

To start, VIP was being sold by both My Music Taste and Ticketmaster. That should’ve been a red flag for me from the beginning. But it did take me a month or two before I finally decided to buy a VIP ticket, that says “Meet and Greet” on the pass itself by the way. I ended up buying the Gold tier (only sold by Ticketmaster for this show).

Initially it looked like I was supposed to have Soundcheck and Meet and Greet per the fine print. But come the day of the concert, nothing was communicated; nothing about what time Soundcheck was or anything. So, I missed that, and later found out that my tier did NOT come with meet and greet, or any other perks, really. I am currently trying to get a refund…

I work in media, and it’s so sad that companies who are in the business of communication DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE *takes a deep breath*. When it comes to VIP, K-Pop in particular, organization is nonexistent. Getting tickets for these concerts is already a dumpster fire, to put it nicely. And I’ve had VIP with multiple companies, and most of the time, it’s a hot mess.

*And venue staff, especially security (not ALL), continue to treat every person at these concerts like boy crazy children/ teenagers. Not everyone there is under 18 and not everyone under 18 are immature or boy crazy, either. Most of the groups that I go and see, the members are at least 25+ years old. And of course, we are screaming, isn’t that what you do at concerts (most of us, anyway)?


Final Thoughts!

I have probably mentioned this before, but a couple of recent experiences have me going back and forth about whether going to these concerts is worth it anymore. Having the right people around you can make the experience a lot more fun. But, until these labels and ticketing companies stop using everything as a money-grab, things won’t change. I read an article recently talking about how important music fans are, and I am not just saying that because I am one.

But if it wasn’t for the fans, then who would buy the concert tickets, merchandise, etc… Check out the article link below via…

Music fans have much more power than you (and they) think


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