My 1st WWE Event! Monday Night RAW in NOLA!

I know this experience may seem a bit random, compared to my other content, but I promise it’s not lol. With this blog, I always mention nostalgia, and all the things that I loved when I was younger, and how those things have influenced what I’m into now. Through the years, I stepped away from certain things, for whatever reason, but something always brought me back to it. Many of these nostalgic moments are connected in some way.

When it comes to being a fan of WWE, it is a bit different. I have always been into sports, but when it came to WWE, I was a casual fan from childhood, and had a lot of favorite wrestlers. Somehow, within the last 4+ months or so, I have jumped right back down the rabbit hole, and can’t get enough of it. Plus, watching everything as an adult, I have a whole new appreciation for all things WWE (and all of the wrestling brands), especially the business side of it.

But for now, let’s talk about what it was like going to my very first WWE Event/ Monday Night Raw Live taping in New Orleans, Louisiana…


My Favorite Moments!

Seth Rollins Injury Announcement/ Face Off with Gunther

Even though this wasn’t a super happy moment, I loved seeing Seth Rollins come out to talk to the fans the way that he did. And what made this moment even more special was when everyone, me included, sang along to his entrance song once he was in the ring. The love he was shown was such a cool thing to see.

And of course, Gunther (of Imperium) came out to interrupt his moment with the fans and basically “challenged” him. Seth accepted and stated that, even with this injury, he was going to be back in time for WrestleMania, with his belt.


The New Day Vs Imperium

The buildup of this rivalry has been so fun to watch. I have been a fan of the New Day since getting back into all of this, and even though I miss their 3rd member Big E, I love getting to see them together on RAW. I’m surprised I didn’t lose my voice yelling at Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods as they were fighting the two members of Imperium (I know their names; I just don’t like them LOL). This match ended with both teams getting disqualified due to not getting back into the ring in time.

That didn’t stop the fighting at all, though. They threw each other all over the arena lol.


CM Punk and Cody Rhodes Face to Face

Cody Rhodes has also become one of my favorite solo stars in WWE. I wish we could’ve gotten more tag team matches with him and Jey Uso, but that’s a discussion for another time. But this was another build up as well. One of many since the return of CM Punk.

These two are amazing at promos and going back and forth on the microphone, in the ring. All of this will come to a head at the Royal Rumble.


Women’s Royal Rumble Promo with Nia Jax

I am a huge fan of everyone in that Samoan bloodline of legendary wrestlers, including the gorgeous and powerful Nia Jax. WWE fans love to hate her, but I am rooting for her, and have been loving her return to WWE. The women’s royal rumble match is what I am looking forward to the most.


R-Truth Interferes in Damian Priest’s Match with Drew McIntyre

Another return a lot of the fans were excited about was the return of R-Truth. His recent segments with the Judgement have been prime television, and comedy. I love that they are still running with it, and getting to see it love, made my night.


Let Me FanGirl for a Minute 😊

I did have a few fangirl moments where I was a little starstruck. The first one was when Seth Rollins came out. We are so used to seeing him on TV, especially in all his bright, out of the box costumes, but seeing it in person was so dope. I love his overall aura and his voice after seeing and hearing him in person.

The next moment was when Cody Rhodes came out. He’s been a favorite of mine since the moment I jumped back in to following WWE. He (and that smile) is so beautiful in person, and he really does capture the audience. And the dialogue he had with CM Punk was a highlight of the night. I wouldn’t mind seeing them go at it in person too though.

The last moment was seeing Damian Priest, of the Judgment Day. I am not the biggest fan of their faction as a whole, but it’s been hard to not become a fan of Damian. He really is massive in person, in the ring, and getting to see him wrestle was a cool experience.


Next Adventure…

Road to WrestleMania (House Show) in March 😊


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