September Muzik Playback!

I’ve had a lot of new music to catch up on from August and this month (September). But I am only going to talk about the ones that I really liked and really stuck out to me. It’s more solo releases from some of my favorite K-Pop, K-R&B, and K-Hip Hop artists. I’m a little late with this one and it won’t be much of a breakdown, but I still wanted to share these with you guys.

Also, it’s been a really rough month for me mentally and emotionally. I hate that this post may not be as great as I would’ve wanted but I still wanted to get this one up. I’m still working on a lot of things and trying to get over this damn insecurity about myself and my writing. So, just know that I appreciate you for reading this and sticking with me!


Jay B Drops New Solo EP Under New Label!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what we’ll get from Jay B because he’s so creative, talented, and versatile, as a singer and songwriter. The lead single “go UP” proves just that, being a funky up-tempo R&B track. It’s such a fun song to watch him perform as well. The next song “Break It Down” has a similar vibe, and I love the chorus, but I could have done without the Sik K verse *shrugs*.

There’s a similar feel throughout the entire album, positive and uplifting, hence the title of the EP. The English lyrics for the song “Livin” chorus is a perfect example of that. I adore Jay B so much and have to go into these albums as un-biased as I can. But he never disappoints and continues to solidify himself as a strong solo artist, songwriter, and producer, not just Got7’s leader.

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Xiumin Releases His First Solo Mini Album!

While many EXO fans are waiting on the return of more of the group members who have been fulfilling their military service, the other members have been keeping busy. While most of the members are pursuing acting or other opportunities away from the group, Xiumin dropped his first solo project. Brand New consists of 5 tracks that have a mix of Pop, Dance, and R&B elements. For me, it’s nice to really hear Xiumin’s voice like this.

I love the lead single “Brand New” and it’s fun, dance, R&B, and Pop sound, reminding me of an EXO song. Another favorite of mine is “How We Do”, which is like the lead single, with more R&B/ Hip Hop elements, and features Mark from K-Pop group NCT, EXO’s labelmates. Because it’s Xiumin, I was looking forward to hearing any slower tempo, ballad like songs, and he did not disappoint. The song “Love Letter” is such a beautiful song, and really shows off his vocals.

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KEY Releases 2nd Solo Album Gasoline!

SHINee member, KEY, has dropped another solo album, and this one is literally a movie (check the album artwork). Each track has that classic 80s vibe and it makes the album a true experience. The lead single “Gasoline’, and its matching visuals, are amazing! It has a big band sound with horns.

Another favorite song of mine is “Villain” (especially the chorus) that features label mate, Jeno, of NCT. And something about the slower tempo, Pop track “G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time)” that I just love so much. I also really like “Ain’t Gonna Dance”, a more up-tempo, R&B track. Overall, it’s a must listen, and another favorite from SHINee 🙂

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CIX Makes New Comeback with Darker Visuals!

Let me just start by saying that CIX always kills with their visuals, and this comeback was nothing different. I honestly hadn’t even realized that they had released this new album (as well as the one right before it). But as soon as I heard the lead single “458” and saw that video, I knew it was going to be another great album.

But this latest ‘OK’ Episode 1: OK Not-EP is so good! It’s only 4 tracks but a variety of styles and sounds from each song. Other than the lead single, I really love “Bend the Rules”, which almost has a similar vibe, but it has more of a “Caribbean” flow to it. The other two songs “Without You” and “Drown in Luv” are slow tempo, and have a more Pop sound to them.

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PH-1 Keeps It Honest on New Album

I feel like PH-1 has been growing on me for the last year or so, and now I can’t help but to love his voice and everything he puts out. This new album But For Now Leave Me Alone is just a great project, other than the title being super relatable right now lol. And it’s honestly tough for me to pick any favorites but I’ll see what I can do 🙂 I did talk briefly about the single “Mr. Bad” in a previous post, and it remains one of my favorites.

Let’s do this… Some of my favorite upbeat tracks are “Zombies”, “Run Away”, and “Tipsy”. Those, to me, are a little different, and not just the expected Hip Hop sound. Then there are the slower tempo, and almost “poetic” tracks like “Juliette”, “Shrink Told Me”, “Break the Glass”, and “Final Bout”, that I really vibe with. They’re all really good and his mellow, laid back persona makes the album enjoyable without seeming aggressive or doing too much. I hope that makes sense lol 🙂

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