Pure Magic from the Magic Man, Jackson Wang!

Jackson Wang is one of my favorite people, not just in the world of K-Pop and C-Pop. I have been anxiously waiting this new album because as he dropped the singles from it, I just new it was going to be epic. This new album is accurately titled MAGIC MAN, because that is exactly what Jackson is. I had fun writing this one 🙂


Re-Introducing Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang is a rapper, singer, and dancer from Hong Kong and based in South Korea. He debuted as a member of South Korean boy group Got7 in 2014, where they were managed by JYP Entertainment. He has been very active in China as a solo artist and TV host. You can also add “record label executive” to his resume since he runs Team Wang where he manages his own music as well as other artists.

He has become quite the businessman over the years. After Got7 took a little break as a group, they all started to pursue more solo ventures. But the music is still amazing, and Jackson has raised the bar on music video storytelling and visuals. If you want to know a little more about Jackson and Got7, check my last post about Jackson and his debut solo album below.

Jackson Wang’s Solo Debut with 1st Album MIRRORS!



MAGIC MAN… My Review!

The first two tracks, “Blow” and “Cruel”, were released as singles with music videos to go with them. Both songs and videos were so amazing! They both have a dark concept, like a lot of the album, honestly. It’s hard to pick a favorite from those two, but I will say that I love this new, Pop/ Funk sound from Jackson.

He was labeled as a “rapper” in Got7 but to those who paid attention, he was far more than that, and as a solo artist, he has been proving that. One of the songs that stick out to me is “Go Ghost” with its more Hip-Hop style, mixed with a little R&B and Dance. And I really dig “Drive it Like You Stole It” with its somewhat “retro” bounce to it. Then there’s “Come Alive” with louder live band elements, with guitar, drums, as well as the harmonizing on top of it.

Am I really going to talk about this WHOLE album? (Yes, yes I am :)). Next, we have “Just Like Magic” which I feel is THE perfect vibe for this album, with an old school, almost glam rock type sound. Things slow down with the last 3 tracks, “All the Way”, “Dopamine”, and “Blue”. But they keep the vibes going with these slow tempo, “wavy” songs, bringing everything to an end.


Follow Him!

Instagram: https://TEAMWANG.lnk.to/JacksonWangIG

Twitter: https://TEAMWANG.lnk.to/JacksonWangTW

Facebook: https://TEAMWANG.lnk.to/JacksonWangFB

YouTube: http://TEAMWANG.lnk.to/YouTube


Final Thoughts!

I could probably write so much more about Jackson and this album, but I will leave it there. Being a fan of Jackson for these last 3+ years has been fun, and I am so proud of him. He is only getting started, and him being Chinese means that he doesn’t have to fulfill any military enlistment like some of his other K-Pop peers. I’m so excited to see what’s next for him, and maybe we’ll get to experience him live at some point 🙂




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