Ari Lennox Digs Deeper with Sophomore Album!

I have another amazing lady to talk to you guys about, Ari Lennox! This is not the first time I have written about her, and her music. I also got to experience her live, after she dropped her debut album Shea Butter Baby. But this time, I’ll be talking about her latest, sophomore, album Age/Sex/Location!

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Age/Sex/Location… My Review!

This album is real mood music, and even though I haven’t exactly been in that particular mood or vibe lately, I will do my best to share my thoughts, and favorites. One thing for sure, though, is I am still so in love with Ari’s voice: jazzy, bluesy, Erykah Badu vibes. The first track “POF” is a perfect example of what I described in my previous sentence. One of her first singles, “Pressure”, is one of my favorites, with a classic Hip Hop/ R&B sound/ inspiration.

We do get a bit of comic relief on the track “Boy Bye” which features Lucky Daye. I also feel like it shows her personality a bit, which I love. I really like her other two features as well. The first one, “Leak It” featuring Chloe Bailey, is of course a sexy and sensual song about being shameless with how someone makes you feel. Next, we have “Queen Space”, which is probably my favorite one, which speaks on not letting people waste your time, and only allowing the space you are willing to give.

I did enjoy the entire album. If you are into REAL R&B, sharing raw and sensual emotions and experiences, then this is what you need to check out. Ari shared some deep and honest parts of herself with this one, and I am proud of her. This album is special, and I hope ya’ll check it out.

A Message from Ari…

In a text to J.Cole (that he shared on Instagram), Ari talked about how age/sex/location is an album allowing her to be her unapologetic self while talking about learning from giving time to people she deemed toxic.

“Transitional space. Very vulnerable codependent and validation seeking part of my life,” the ‘Shea Butter Baby” singer wrote. “I remember the countless times I was kicked out of dating apps because they didn’t think I was really myself, it reminded me of those age/sex/location days where I actually wasn’t being myself in those chat rooms.”

“No more tip toeing. No more docile. Providing grace and compassion to myself. Blocking those that no longer serve me or just literally not responding. Blocking the resistance to heal. Allowing accountability and maturing. Allowing growth to happen. Allowing self worth and self love and inner work to happen. Allowing therapy. Allowing dating me to happen. Doing things I like to do whenever I want,” Lennox continued.


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