Joohoney Makes Official Solo Debut with Lights!

This is one of those Fangirl moments that I seriously look forward to. Monsta X is my Ult Group and Joohoney is my Ult Bias, no one comes before them for me, no matter how many groups I become a fan of. After all of the comebacks I have experienced being a Monbebe, this one is up there as one of the most special. Even though Joohoney has released several mixtapes, this is his first “Official” EP that will have a physical copy available (I am currently waiting on my copy 😊)

Joohoney’s Solo Discography (More on Soundcloud)…

Joohoney (MONSTA X) - Out Of Control Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius Joohoney Discography 0 Albums, 2 Singles, 3 Lyrics, 1 Videos | JpopAsia Karin3110: Lirik Lagu Joohoney – Smoky Terjemahan


Lights-EP! My Review!

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After my first full listen of this album, it took me a minute to process it. But then I had to remember to not compare it to his previous mixtapes where there were more Hip Hop-influenced tracks. He has been working on a project like this for a while, showing us that he is WAY more than just Monsta X’s main rapper. He is a talented singer/ vocalist, songwriter, producer, dancer, and overall entertainer.

I could go on and on about how amazing a person he is, but let’s get to this album. As of right now, I LOVE the lead single “Freedom” and his collaboration with K R&B/ Soul singer GSoul for the song “Monologue”. To me, “Freedom” has it all and shows how well-rounded Joohoney is. While “Monologue” has a Jazzier feel to it, blending Joohoney’s smooth rap style with GSoul’s golden vocals.

Now, let’s back up to the very first song, “Hype Energy”, which is Joohoney doing what he does best, giving us that fiery energy and showing off his fast-rapping skills. Up next, we have “Voice”, a special one for him as well as a lot of us fans, especially those of us who were lucky enough to go to Monsta X’s last world tour. Each member of had a solo stage and Joohoney went from his solo song “Smoky” to this song, pouring his heart out on that stage.

These last couple of songs round out the rest of the EP. “Evolution” has more Pop/ Rock elements to it and reminds me of those fun songs you’ll hear at the end of an anime. The very last song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, is the cute, super positive side of our Joohoney. He says this a lot, especially when speaking to the fans.


Final Thoughts!

The meaning of this EP is so much deeper than my review. This EP tells a story and many of us agree that you can see his intention behind this one. The songs on in this order for a reason. Getting to hear solo music from Joohoney is always a beautiful experience, especially after hearing all of the music he creates as a member of Monsta X. I know that I can speak for a lot of my fellow Monbebe when I say that we are extremely proud of this man and know it’s only up from here for him, and the rest of Monsta X.

No matter what the future holds… Monbebe for Life!


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