Millennium Tour Experience! Fan-Girl Chronicles IV

I am back with another Fan-girl Chronicles for my Millennium Tour experience recently. First, I need you guys to understand how much of a fan-girl moment this is. I have been a B2K fan since I was about 13-14 years old (I’m 31 now and the boys are not that much older than me). I had all of the albums, DVDs, magazines, posters… All of it! And my mom brought me to see them in concert at least 3 times (maybe more).


Check out my Millennium Tour Story time Youtube video below where I go into a little more detail as I describe this Fan-girl experience!

In the Building!

I’m not going to give you guys a play by play leading up to the concert. So, I will start with us walking into the UNO Lakefront Arena as Nipsey Hussle played in the background as we made our way to our 9th-row seats. We sat down and soaked up the environment until I realized who was providing the music. Our DJ for the moment was O’ryan aka Sonnie aka Omarion’s younger brother!

To start things off, a local DJ from the area did a sort of introduction before introducing our official host for the night, comedian, Gary “G-Thang” Johnson. I am always hesitant when they have comedians host concerts like this but it was actually pretty great and he was hysterical; I was even able to grab him and tell him how great I thought he was. And what was even better is that it wasn’t long before the show got started and Chingy, the first act, was on stage… 

The Opening Acts

I hate to even call them “opening acts” but they knew why a lot of us were there, to see the official reunion of B2K. But every single person who came out on that stage did their thing! Everyone did the hits that we all know and love with a few that weren’t as well known. Chingy and the Ying Yang Twins were first and definitely got the party started.

Bobby Valentino came out, was as dramatic as expected LOL but still sounded great. I was just ready to Lloyd and he did not disappoint, and being that he’s from New Orleans, he did his thing. I did get a little emotional when he brought out the guitar and sang “Tru” from his most recent album.. He also brought out some local favorites, Choppa and Mannie Fresh which was super dope!

After Lloyd was Pretty Ricky and they have not changed, still as sexual and freaky as when they first came out LOL. They were great, though, and I was loving Marcus aka Pleasure’s voice a lot. Then it was time for Mario who I’ve been a fan of for about as long as B2K. He was gorgeous and sounded amazing, and his dancers were very cute. I was a little disappointed that people sat down for a lot of his set but I was up the entire time, singing EVERYTHING.

The Main Event – B2K

Where do I even begin? Just know that when those lights went off and the music started, it was a wrap. It started with this little Youtube “documentary” about the boys. It was crazy to see especially since the majority of us saw it for ourselves back when it was happening. Then they started playing “Girlfriend” and showing the boys up on the screen before they individually started to pop up.

We all went crazy! And it seems like everything from then on was a blur, especially looking back on it now. But they literally did all of our favorites and it warmed my heart to see them having so much fun up there. When Fizz called J-Boog “Rico” and they did their You Got Served set, it was EVERYTHING and more! J-Boog even re-created one of my favorite dance scenes from the movie and at 33, still looks so good doing it.

Final Thoughts!

The fact that in the beginning I didn’t even know if I wanted to go to this Millennium Tour, and it ended up being one of the best nights I’ve had at a concert in a long time. I got to re-live some of my awesome teenage years and seeing the boys who I owe a lot of good memories to. And of course, all of the crazy and hilarious conversations with my best friend that resulted from it all just topped it all off LOL. They keep talking possible new music and Chingy was talking about more dates in August, so who knows…

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