Road to WrestleMania Comes to Lafayette, La!

I know that it’s been a little while since my last post, but I went to another WWE Live Event and was excited to share my experience! It was a Road to WrestleMania House show, so a bit different from my last experience. To some people, outside of the ones who TRULY know me, this may seem odd. It’s not, trust me, it’s just me staying true to what I love and enjoy and being able to go back to those nostalgic times.

If you have kept up with me, though, I went to my first Monday Night RAW in New Orleans back in January. Going to a Televised event like Monday Night RAW is so different from a House show (non-televised), like this Road to WrestleMania. I was told that by a few people, but it truly didn’t hit me until I was in there, watching it all happen. And as much as I love the live taping of it all, I can’t wait to go to more House shows.


Check out my Monday Night RAW Experience below!

My 1st WWE Event! Monday Night RAW in NOLA!


The Matches! (And My Thoughts)

Sami Zayn vs Shinske Nakimora

I got way more excited for this match than I thought. I am a fan of both, so it was a lot of fun to watch. Sami is adorable to me and is becoming one of my favorite people in WWE.


AJ Styles vs Carlito

Again, I am a big fan of both, but in this instance, I had to go with Carlito. I remember him more from my younger WWE fan days. And for those who know, yes, we did get an Apple moment but not in the way you would think lol. I will say that I am glad that I wasn’t in the front row, because I was not trying to pick out bits of apple out of my hair lol.


Mixed Tag Match featuring Nia Jax & Grayson Waller Vs Kevin Owen’s & Becky Lynch

This was probably the most unexpected match of the night, for me. I never thought I would see Nia Jax and Grayson Waller together in a tag match, but it worked! I am a HUGE Nia Jax fan, which is always kind of interesting at these things because she is a villain of sorts in the WWE Universe. Most of the crowd boos her, but I’m in there like, “Get them Girl!” lol.


Jey Uso Vs Gunther

One of the matches I was hoping for the most. When I tell ya’ll when the announcer said “match for the Intercontinental Championship” & I heard “Uso!” from the speakers, I lost my sh**! Lol. I almost felt stuck in place, so I didn’t get as much video footage as I would’ve wanted but I wanted to actually watch the match. And yes he lost because that title was not going to switch hands at a random Live show, but I loved that after the match, he stayed behind and the crowd hyped him up!


Damage Control Vs Bianca Blair, Naomi & Zelina Vega

When I realized who we were getting for this one, I lost my mind! Bianca, Naomi, and Zelina are my favorite women on the roster. This would be my first time seeing them in person, and they were incredible. And they had one of the cutest moments during their intros when Naomi and Zelina did the Fusion Dance from Dragon Ball Z. Zelina is a fellow anime girl, so we love that over here!

After their match was over, I saw Naomi and Bianca walk around taking pics, giving hugs, and signing autographs for whoever they could. I think Jey Uso and LA Knight did the same. Some of the others probably did too but I didn’t see.


Omos Vs Akira Tozawa

This one was very unexpected as well, and I ended up being more excited to see Tozawa in the end. Omos was led out there with MVP (a wrestler from back in the day) who is more of a manager and mouthpiece. Even though I know how they usually get down with clowning the city they’re in, and I don’t really take offense; this time hit me differently. I guess he did his job because I was ready to fight lol.

And the whole bit of MVP “offering” $10,000 to anyone who thought they could take down Omos was a bit corny. I don’t know if he realized it or not, that the same people he was insulting were very much about that life lol. It just ended up being a set up for Tozawa to come out. The ending was typical, but it was still a fun one.


Santos Escobar Vs LA Knight

Not a huge fan of either of their characters, to be honest, but I really did enjoy this match. They were both a lot more entertaining than I thought they would be. It was really funny when Santos kept LA Knight from getting the mic, and I was thankful for that lol.


The Main Event! Featuring Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa Vs Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins

This match was originally supposed to have Jimmy and Solo go against Kevin Owens and LA Knight. But it was confirmed, near the beginning of the show, that we were indeed getting a match with Jimmy Uso & Solo. Jimmy walked out with all the attitude and the grimace on his face, and of course I loved it! This was another one of those moments where most of crowd boo’d Jimmy and Solo, but I was yelling my support for them lol.

Even though Cody and Seth won, because of course they did, Jimmy did not disappoint when it came to interacting with the crowd and being his usual entertaining self.

At the end of the day, I will always be an Usos/ Bloodline/ Rock girl, whether together or solo… Sorry, not sorry. (This Jimmy Vs. Jey WrestleMania match is going to break me, by the way *sobs* but I am so happy and excited for them).



To Sum it All Up…

After really sitting and looking at the matches we got, I couldn’t believe how stacked it was. We got everything I hoped for and more! I knew that I was going to be excited for this one but didn’t realize how overwhelmed I was going to be by all of it (not in a bad way).

With this House show set up being so different, I found myself paying attention to some of the smaller details. I saw a lot of the wrestlers interact with each other while waiting for others to come out or waiting for the bell to ring. Jey Uso held the rope for the announcer as she stepped out, making sure she was good. And I remember seeing Jimmy Uso clown around with the ref and Seth Rollins before their match started.

It made them so real, and I always appreciate moments like that. I mean, we know they’re real people, and that it’s so much deeper than them being athletic and entertaining. But seeing them show that side of themselves is really dope.


Final Thoughts!

It’s kind of funny because after everything and coming down from it, I’m kind of like “What now?” Lol. I mean, I can obviously travel to catch other shows. I really want to catch a Smackdown and at least 1 PLE (Paperview Live Event) at some point. And I really want to experience front row, especially near the entrance for the wrestlers. Definitely not complaining at how close I was for this one though. I was a happy girl (even though the kiddos holding the signs bigger than them blocked some good photos I could’ve taken lol but it’s all good). It was cute seeing the little girls be so into everything. It reminded me of myself.

And what’s even crazier is that the next event I’m planning for is a K-pop concert. If that doesn’t describe me as a person and a fangirl, I don’t know what does lol.




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