Goodbye February! Muzik Playback Pt. II

I’m back with Part II of this Muzik Playback, where I am catching up on music from January and February. It will be more K-Pop like the first part, but like I have mentioned before, there is always so much music and content in this category. Plus, being that I listen to more than one group, there’s always something to listen to and talk about. And it (kind of) distracts from my lack of concerts at the moment…


Wonho New Single Album Obsession

Wonho recently came out with a Single album, consisting of 2 songs. The lead single and video for “Eye on You” were released and in typical Wonho fashion, he had everyone shook with his visuals and performance for this song. I honestly do love this sound for him, this Pop/ Dance/ slight EDM. The second track “Somebody” is a bit slower a similar Pop/ Dance vibe, but his voice sounds great on it.

His management has been teasing something, so I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see what’s coming…

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BM New Song “Lost in Euphoria (LIE)”

More solo music from BM, yes please! Plus J.Seph is coming back from his military enlistment soon, AND we may get a KARD tour later this year as well! (My heart can’t take it, but I am also screaming on the inside). BM’s recent solo music has been so amazing because he is singing a lot more and switching up the music style a bit, compared to what he does with KARD. This song hooked me right away, and I will forever be proud of him and how much of himself he puts into the music he gives us 🙂

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Pentagon New IN:VITE U EP

You can always rely on Pentagon to bring the sexy, and they did that with this EP. Their lead single “Feelin Like” is my favorite, especially the choreography for it. Their music has always been a bit more Pop/ Rock mixed with some R&B. Some of my favorites from this one, though, are “The Game”, which is very 00s punk/rock-ish to me, and the opera-like opening and inserts, are crazy!

I also love their slower tempo track “Sparkling Night” which has a really cute, almost 80s, synth type vibe to it (if that makes sense). Then there’s the slower track “BAD”, and for me, their songs like this are my ultimate favorite style from them. Since I started listening to them, I have loved their Ballads, or ballad-like songs the most. There are old favorite for me 🙂

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Astro’s Moonbin & Sanha “Ghost Town”

After being so excited about JinJin and Rocky’s collab EP, I had no idea that Moonbin and Sanha would be coming out with their 2nd collab project. I came across the music video first and was honestly enchanted by all of it. This song caught me off guard, in the best way, because I wasn’t expecting this style from them, but it’s still very fitting at the same time. The video for “Ghost Town” is so simple, and dark, almost haunting, but intriguing.

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ATEEZ New Track “Don’t Stop” for Universe Music

Still sad that I didn’t get to catch them on tour earlier this year, but I keep hearing talk of them possibly coming back to the states later this year, so, fingers crossed. But they have been putting out so much new music, videos, and other cute content, so it’s been okay. For this latest release “Don’t Stop”, though, I saw the video first, and it’s a whole movie! Their pirate theme will always be classic with them, and their overall performance will always be high energy and passionate.

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BTS’ Suga’s Produced Track “Stay Alive” Ft. Jungkook

I’m still not completely in the loop on this LOL. But, apparently, the guys in BTS are involved in this Wattpad/ Fanfiction type webtoon that recently came out. Of course, there’s been some drama around it because of how the characters are portrayed, but I’ll that there for now. But the song that was made for it, was produced by Suga and sung by Jungkook.

It’s a beautiful song and Jungkook’s vocals seem to get better every time I hear him. And when it comes to Suga’s producing skills, he’s just amazing at what he does. So much has been coming out with them, these live shows, and other things, but I will talk more about that later 🙂

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New Group JWiiver Debuts!

I came across these guys during one of those nights where I am trying to catch up on K-Pop videos. They popped up on my homepage and I saw that they were new, so I was curious. And as always, I was not disappointed, and went to Instagram to follow them right away! At first I was getting a NCT vibe from them, but the more I listened, the more I realized they are going in their own direction 🙂

It’s a 4 song EP and I honestly love every one of them. “Jtrap” has been stuck in my head since I first heard it, and I also am a fan of “Made for You”. But I am really excited to see what else they do. Hopefully other fans will come along as well, because they’re already fun to watch.

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