February New Muzik Recap!

** Quick Little Life Update**

I’ll try to not make this sound like a sob story or like I’m complaining, because I am honestly not… But, I somehow agitated my recent neck and back injury and have been in a lot of pain this past week. On top of that, work has been kicking my @$$, and I am still going to have to do some catching up on Monday. With all of that, I haven’t found the time or energy to really put into this blog or my social media accounts.

I am still trying to find some type of routine and balance with everything, and for my therapy appointments, doctor appointments, physical therapy, etc… But no matter what, I had a plan for this month, and I will stick to it. This post will be for some of the dope new releases from this February (non-K-pop related, if you can believe it LOL). Some of these are familiar, while one is not, let’s get into it!


Star Child New Project WAVES

I was particularly excited for this release because I have been keeping up with Star Child since around 2017, around the beginning of this blog, actually. We’ve been cool since, and he has been one of the biggest supporters of me and this blog. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that he is a talented up and coming artist. Check out the link below for some of the first posts I wrote for his earlier music releases.

Check Out My Review of His last project Heathen here!

For this this latest music project Waves, though, I was able to sit in on an album listening session on his IG Live. It was cool to see his reaction to what he and his team created, and hear him talk about the process, and inspiration. I did walk away with some favorites: “Alright with Me”, “For You”, and “So Right”, but I am a fan of the EP as a whole, and the way the tracks were organized. You guys should really check him out!

Follow Him!

Official: www.siriusmuzik.com

Twitter @IAMStarChild

Instagram @iamstar_child

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/iamstarchild

Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIoTUvLdSeE


Rakiyah Drops New Single!

This artist is seriously a woman after my own heart. Other than the fact that she does most, if not all, of her music and marketing herself, she is pushing to make a mark in the K-Pop industry as well. Her music and style are so dope, and she stays true to herself no matter what. This latest single “1-800-MLKYWAY” featuring DaVionne, is a sexy R&B track that I can’t stop listening to, honestly 🙂

Check Out My Artist to Watch Feature on Rakiyah here!

Follow Her!

Official: www.rakiyahinspace.com

Twitter @rakiyahinspace

Instagram @rakiyah

Youtube: Rakiyah – YouTube


Justin Park New Single & Visual for “Mi Vida”

Another old-ish favorite of mine, Justin Park, just released a new song called “Mi Vida”. This one, obviously, has heavy Spanish influence, and with his smooth vocals, makes the perfect combination. And the visual for this is just as sexy as the song itself. I always look forward to new music from him, and lately, he’s been gaining some more fans after BTS’ Jungkook posted one of his songs in his IG Story.

Check Out My Artist to Watch Feature on Justin here 🙂

Follow Him!

Twitter @JustinParkMusic

Instagram @justinparkofficial

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ9U4LOs3FCaD-SUVlZxRvg


New Music from MicLowry!

I have always said that this group is the closest thing we have to a 90s R&B black boyband. They remind me more of Boyz II Men, and groups like that. My very first post about them goes more into that, so feel free to check out that post below. So, it should go without saying that I am in love with their new song “Next Up”.

Check Out My Very First Post about MicLowry here 🙂

Follow Them!

Official: www.miclowry.com

Twitter @wearemiclowry

Instagram @miclowry

YouTube: www.youtube.com/MICLOWRY1


New Artist to Watch! Roann

One of my good friends sent me a link to check out the lovely singer/ songwriter, Roann and I don’t want to say that I was surprised, but I was impressed. She has such an old school R&B/ Soul sound, and I love that. And her latest song “Heaven on Earth” featuring Jordan Hawkins and beautifully done and her voice is heavenly (no pun intended :)). You guys should definitely check her out and keep her on your radar.

Follow Her!

Instagram @roannmesina


Final Thoughts!

Forgive me if I made these descriptions are short, but sometimes it should be more about me sharing artists with you. It shouldn’t always be what I think about the music or trying to put a “review” in certain words to make me sound like I work in media or something. Focus on the artists this time around and check them out for yourself. What do YOU think about them and what vibes do YOU get from them?

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