Edge Naturale Product Review and Collaboration Update!

Hello, and welcome to Muzik Junqie’s official post of 2021! I am taking things a bit slower, holding on to a lot of projects and content plans, before announcing anything. Last year definitely taught me to stay ready for any and everything. But, today, I am here to give you an update on one of my favorite collaborations from last year, Edge Naturale, and their Follicle Enhancer product.

Check out my first, initial review here!

Follicle Enhancer Update!


So, I received another 2 oz. jar of Edge Naturale’s follicle enhancer, this one with a cute new design and colors. I know that it doesn’t sound like much, but it can go a long way. My daily hair styling routine is pretty simple, but I did incorporate the follicle enhancer, especially on the days when I don’t use much, if any, product. I love the smell of mint that you get when you first open the jar too.

That ingredient is what gives you a soothing and tingly feeling on the spots that you apply the cream. The product itself is a white cream that seems a bit on the heavy side but once it’s on, you don’t feel the weight of it. I have a couple of spots that had started to thin on me a while back, so that’s where I focus the most when applying the follicle enhancer. I can tell you, that I have noticed a difference since I started using it.

Collaborating with Edge Naturale

2020 gave me my first brand ambassador/ collaboration opportunities, both good and bad. Edge Naturale was the best brand I was able to work with. They openly communicated with me about this partnership and any other details. A lot of brands don’t just offer you their product without some hesitation and tons of miscommunication.

Edge Naturale, though, gave me a chance to test out the product, with no issues. The product is actually amazing and has become a part of my regular hair routine. Most of my other “collaborations” didn’t go too great and whatever was offered or promised, didn’t happen. So, working with Edge Naturale has truly been a great experience, and I look forward to continuing this collaboration.


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