Muzik Junqie 2020… A Year in Review…

When it comes to this past year, I honestly don’t want to think about it anymore than I have to. Experiencing it was plenty enough, and I am ready for it to be put in the past. I know that we still don’t know what 2021 is going to bring, but I am trying to remain hopeful that it’ll at least be better than 2020. For now, let’s take a look back on what made up this past year for Muzik Junqie.

My Key(s) to Surviving 2020

Of course, one of the main things that kept me sane was listening to a lot of music, especially K-Pop. I spent a lot of nights falling asleep to the soothing voices of some of my favorite singers. Also, I am very thankful for all of the online concerts that we had access to; my best friend and I getting to enjoy 6 of them, while enjoying a bottle of wine :). You-tube played a large part this year, whether it was watching music videos or cute compilations where I was able to learn more about some of my favorites.

You can check out my Online Concert Recap here

A lot of these things, I was able to share with my close circle/ support system. I shared music, you-tube videos, and online concerts with my best friend. I spent a lot of time watching anime and discussing Mangas with my boyfriend. And I shared all of that with my grandmother, as well as having her as a sounding board for some things I was struggling with. My grandmother encouraged me to pray more, and I did, which honestly made a big impact on my life, especially this year.

A Look Back on Some of My Favorite Posts

A lot of reviews and content sat in my drafts, never making it to be published. So, just because you don’t see it on the blog or on my social media, doesn’t mean that I didn’t listen to plenty of music. Now, I want to share some of the posts that defined the year for me and Muzik Junqie. Check out the links below…

Here is a list of some of my more personal, vulnerable posts, including mental health and black lives matter, and how it affected all of us. Click images below to read the posts!


Not having concerts, gave me a lot of time to sit back and reminisce on some of my favorite concerts over the years. So, I came up with “Throwback Fangirl Chronicles” which came from concert experiences back when I was a teenager. It was exciting to write about this and re-live all of those emotions.

I try my best to find new artists. Some may not be new to you all, but they’re new to me. But a few of them really stood out to me this year. So, here are a few of my “Artist to Watch” posts that I enjoyed the most this past year.

Being a K-Pop fan is full of so many surprises, good and bad at times. But one thing is for sure, there is never a lack of new music. Some of my favorites had at least 2 comebacks this year. Plus, we a got a couple of mind-blowing solo debuts. I probably could’ve put all my K-Pop related posts on this list, but I shortened it, a bit LOL.

And lastly, I had a lot of fun discovering the “older” generation K-Pop groups. It’s been fun to see which groups really made an impact on K-Pop music and culture. You can also see the influence they’ve had on the popular boy groups now, as much as some of the younger fans don’t want to admit it. But here is one of my favorite discoveries from this year.


Muzik Junqie Youtube Channel

I am not the strongest when it comes to making and editing videos. Plus, I struggle making my videos short, because I know that most people don’t want to sit and watch me talk for 20-30 minutes. And for this past year, I only attended one concert so that’s the only real “exciting” story-time that I had to share with you all. Changing or adding to my channel is an option, but I guess it will depend on how next year goes.

But here are the videos that I posted this year:

Muzik Junqie – YouTube

What I Learned from 2020…

To say that 2020 has been one huge life lesson is an understatement. Don’t let people make you think that you’re a failure because you didn’t find your “Hustler’s Mentality” during one of hardest years for most of us, financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you were able to keep your job and/or find success during all of this, then major props to you (no hating here!). But, if you did not, and you simply just made it to the end of this year, then you deserve major props as well.

I learned a lot about myself, as well as what I want in life, especially when it comes to a career. I was laid off at the beginning of the pandemic then ended up at something temporary that ended up horrible for my mental health. But that’s not to say that another door won’t open for me. So, if anything, I want to remain as positive and optimistic as I can and stay prayed up.


Plans for 2021…

If I can get back to the mindset that I had when I first started this, while continuing to learn as much as I can, then I can make a lot more happen. For one, though, I don’t think I will be doing much, if any, brand ambassador collaborations. Whether money or commission was offered or not, I was screwed over too many times, and it wasn’t worth it. A solid plan is in the works, though, so that should weed out who will be good to partner with and who won’t be.

Writing and content will always be a priority, and I hope to bring a lot more original content in the coming year. There are so many elements that need work and improvements, and I am willing to put in the work, but I still get discouraged. Mental health is also a priority for me because, like many others, I have been through a lot, personally and professionally. I will be participating in a dream internship for the first part for the year, so we’ll see where that takes me 🙂


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