Let’s Take a Trip to ‘Whatever USA’ with Hoodie Allen!

It’s time for some new music from one of my “old” Favs, Hoodie Allen! Ever since I met him and saw him live for the first time back in 2017, I am still in awe. It’s like he surprises me with every new release and I love it! So, let’s get into this new album and take a trip to Whatever USA with Hoodie Allen, shall we?

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Whatever USA… My Review!

One of my favorite tracks is “Come Around” featuring Christian French, it’s just such a classic Hoodie Allen song *shrugs*. And he brings in the cuties Gianni & Kyle for “60 Seconds” which is also a bop! And I find myself singing along with “You Should Let Me Know” because when it comes to Hoodie, I can’t really help it. This whole album is pretty much like that for me.

Every song has that classic Hoodie Allen vibe, super fun and playful. “IDK Why” and “Hell of a Time” slow things down a bit but pick right back up. He is still such the story-teller so you will stay entertained and engaged throughout the album for sure. It’s a very chill/ laid back listen so check it out.

Final Thoughts!

He is going on tour for this album and even though he isn’t coming to Louisiana AGAIN, I still wish him well LOL! I will probably sit out this one because of that. But, if you can catch him then it’ll definitely be worth it. He does put on a great show and loves to meet as many of his fans as possible. So if you can get meet & greet then do that also.

Follow Him!

Official: www.hoodieallen.com

Twitter & Instagram @hoodieallen

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/wearehoodie


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