K-Pop Muzik Playback!

Finally able to get this one together! I honestly, went back and forth about even posting anything K-pop related but it’s still one of my favorite genres of music, and with a lot of my Favs making comebacks, I had to talk about it. I’ll be posting about artists in other genres in the next few posts or so, don’t worry. But for now, check out some of my favorite K-Pop artists who recently dropped some great music!


Monsta X Releases New Single “If With U” on Universe Music!

This is such a soft and beautiful song by my Favs Monsta X. I know what they are capable of vocally but am still in awe when I hear new music from them. “If With You” is a slower tempo Pop/ Dance song. To this day I still get excited and feel warm inside hearing our rappers sing so beautifully.

Universe is a recent Music/ Social media type platform that allows fans to interact with their Fav K-Pop artists. I am currently doing a “test run” to see what it’s a about, and it caters to the whole fan service side of K-Pop. That can be a good and a bad thing. It’s cute, though, and gives you access to some special content that’s not available on other platforms, not right away anyway.


Wonho Shows Multiple Colors with Façade-EP!

It makes me so happy to see and hear Wonho fall more into his sound. He’s always had his own vibe, even when he was in MX, so to see him come even more into his own as a solo artist is a proud moment for this fan 😊 I have to admit, that I wasn’t as big of a fan of his last project. It’s not that I didn’t like any of it, it just didn’t hit me the same as other music from him.

But THIS one is up there with his first album for me. I’m always a sucker for a good Intro, and this one, along with the outro is so dope to me. The lead single “Crazy” came out with a bang, with its heavy Dance vibe mixed with some R&B/ Hip Hop, and his baggy styling for the music video was my favorite. And I’m in love with the slower tempo tracks, “Close” and “White Miracle”, which was released in Japanese first, I believe.



Heize Returns with New Undo Album!

Heize was one of my first introductions to solo K R&B women and is still one of my favorites. I was so excited to see that she was coming back with a new album. The first song that really grabbed me is “Sad Ending”; it has such a soft, but funky vibe to it. I also really love “Traveler” as well, a little more upbeat but so smooth, like the rest of her music, honestly.

She really does have some amazing collaborations on this album. Of course, one of my favorite collabs is for “Distance” with I.M. from Monsta X, who helped write/ produce this one on top of featuring on it. Another favorite is “I Don’t Lie” with GIRIBOY, who I have been a fan of for a while as well. Both of those songs have similar sounds and are a little bit more “R&B”, fitting their singing/ rap styles perfectly.


Kard is Back with 5th Mini Album!

Of course, I loved the solo music we were getting from Big Matthew but seeing them back together as 4 makes me so happy. They were waiting for member J.Seph to return from his military enlistment, and once he was back, it was like they hit the ground running. This new album is great, and the lead single “Ring the Alarm” was the perfect return.

Now, to the rest of these songs. “Break Down” is a bop! The ladies always kill it vocally, but when our guys jump in with their vocals, it’s magic. And “Good Love”, is such a fun, cute, soft track, with that taste of Caribbean in the background that I feel like we’re used to hearing from them. “Whip!” is a bit similar to the previously mentioned track, but with more of that Pop/ R&B sound.

And they recently announced Tour Dates, with the date closest to me falling on my birthday so I am going to do everything I can to make that happen 🙂


SF9 Drops 11th Mini Album!

It’s been a while since we’ve had anything new from SF9. Between members going into the military to fulfill their required service, one of the members pursuing some acting, and other members doing some solo things, they’ve had a bit of a break from group activities. Their sound was missed so hearing them is so refreshing. In my opinion, they have always had more of a Dance/ Pop/ R&B sound, to put it simply.

This new The Wave OF9 EP lives up to the sound that we know and love from them. I love all 6 tracks on this EP, and not just because I missed them LOL. As of right now, my favorite tracks are “Summertime Bounce (Don’t Kill My Vibe)” and “Butterfly”.  They have a similar vibe, with more of an R&B sound, but “Butterfly” is more on Hip Hop/ Dance influenced.


J-Hope Shows Us a Darker Side with New Solo Single!

J-Hope is the first member of BTS to release new solo music after the group announced that they would be focusing more on projects outside of just the group. I’m not sure what I was expecting from J-Hope for this, maybe something similar to his last mixtape, but he has gone in a different direction. His new music and concept are much darker than the usual bright and cheerful rapper. But, to anyone who has been a fan and paid attention, J-Hope has mentioned how difficult it is to always be that happy member, because that’s not always him.

That actually makes me happy for him because he gets to play around with music that shows us more of who is really is. He’s a lot more complex than some people give him credit for. I honestly want this for all of the members, and for other groups as well. They should be able to explore all parts of themselves, that are willing to share, in their music.


An All-Ladies version of this list is coming soon! 🙂


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