I.M. From Monsta X Releases Solo EP and More K-Pop!

Well, there goes me trying to decided whether to continue doing these K-Pop Updates. The community can be a bit hectic, especially on social media, but the music does keep some of us together. I’ll share more about the things and people who make up this particular community, but until then, I hope you enjoy my updates. Here are just some of the releases that I am very excited about, as well as the releases that are coming soon.

Monsta X’s I.M. Releases Debut Solo EP ‘Duality’!

So, our maknae (youngest) out of the group, Changyun aka I.M., has officially dropped his solo EP Duality. After following I.M. and the rest of Monsta X for almost 2 years now, this album is very HIM. Other than the lead single “God Damn” being the best way to come out, the video is amazingly done. I’ve always loved the dark and trippy aesthetic, and it fits I.M. and this album very well.

After looking up the English translation for his songs, it’s all so fitting to what many of us have been feeling since the pandemic started. He sings about love, heartbreak, loneliness, and depression. Every song spills out emotions that we can all relate to. His voice is devastatingly beautiful (if that makes sense) on the last song, “시든 꽃 (Flower-ed)”, the lyrics even more so.

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Got7 Surprises Fans with New Music Video!

This was honestly such a beautiful surprise, as an Got7 fan. Of course, teasers started to go around, with the guys posting hints on their personal social media pages. Their song “Encore” was released on music platforms, and the video debuted on a new Got7 Youtube page (no longer affiliated with JYPE), as well as on the Warner Music Korea page. That, obviously, led to a lot of assumptions to what that relationship is. But, I will say that the video made me very emotional.

The video showed the guys hanging out and eating together and, in the studio, recording the song; most shots taken by Mark Tuan. They did all of this to keep a promise to their fans, their Aghases or IGot7. Other than that, we were also “surprised” with the announcement that Yugyeom has officially signed with Jay Park’s AOMG label as a solo artist. Tons of posts and videos went up, as well as a dope dance video by Yugyeom and some amazing dancers.

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NCT127 Drops New LOVEHOLIC – EP!

This release kind of snuck up on me. There are so many subgroups within NCT, and some of the members are in SuperM, so I was kind of lost for a bit (LOL). But NCT 127 was my initial introduction to NCT and has remained one of favorite sub-units. So, I am not surprised that I actually really like this EP, especially the lead single “Gimme Gimme”, and the video.

The music video for “Gimme Gimme” is so good, though! I love the song, the dark aesthetic, their styling, and of course the dancing. “First Love” and “Right Now” are becoming my favorites on this one. “Right Now” is such a Pop/ R&B/ Dance song and it catches you right away. I am not bad at this particular comeback for them.

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SHINee is Back with Their 7th Album Don’t Call Me!

I am still getting used to Korean album release dates, so I almost missed this one! Taemin was my introduction to SHINee, listening to his solo projects and his music with SuperM before really diving into the group. I adore their older music, love Taemin, and experiencing my first SHINee comeback has been awesome so far 🙂 Also, SHINee is one of several second-generation K-Pop boy groups that will be returning, so get ready!

This album is everything that I would hope for from an “older” group, a mix of what their known for along with some modern sounds. And their lead single “Don’t Call Me” hooked me in right away, and I am totally in love with the video. The vocals and smooth harmonies on “Marry You” and “Kind” are so wonderful. I won’t call  myself a Shawol just yet but I really am excited for the die-hard SHINee fans who have been waiting for this 🙂

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Wonho Photos and Teasers for First Solo Comeback!

Looks like I will be back later this week or so to talk about my thoughts on Wonho’s first comeback as a solo artist. He will be releasing the Pt. 2 to his first mini album <Love Synonym> (#2) Right for Us on February 26th. We’ve all had the pleasure of seeing his breathtaking concept photos, and now we have the video teaser for the lead single “LOSE”. He has said that this comeback is going to be “sexier” than his debut and I don’t know if my heart can take that, but I’ll be ready for him LOL 🙂

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Coming Soon!

This is really just a handful of all of the comebacks that are coming up this month as well some of the ones coming next month.

ONF – Comeback

Ateez – March Comeback

iKon – March Comeback

Ciipher – March Debut

Super Junior – March Comeback

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