Got7 Reunites and Releases 6 New Tracks!

I am back with another one! We are back to some K-Pop, but this is about Got7, one of my favorite groups. They have been through so much since I started being a fan of them. They left their record label they debuted under, due to mistreatment, basically. Thanks to their leader, Jay B, they were able to keep their name and songs. And even after leaving to do solo projects, they still were able to come back together. 

If you want to know more about Got7, and get more familiar with their music, check one of my first posts about them below!

Muzik Crush! Got 7


My Review! 

It’s been a while since fans have heard all 7 of these voices together. They had all gone on their solo journeys, except for Jinyoung, who pursued acting more. Hearing his voice along with the others made it a bit more sentimental for me. Got7 as a group has such an impact on fans, including me. 

I want to start with the lead single “NANANA”. It is such a Got7 song, and is definitely the perfect return to the fans. And the music video is super cute, fun, and bubbly. I honestly don’t always expect them to be so “cutesy”, since they are grown men (that’s with most K-pop boy/ girl groups). But I’m sure they know there are fans who want to see that, so they do it (they are known for fan service).  

This EP has 6 songs on it but I feel like this was a good way for them to come back, combining their growing sound. My favorite tracks at the moment are “Two” and “Don’t Care About Me”. I love “Two” because it’s the sexy song lol, but I love their voices on tracks like this, especially my Fav Jay B’s (yes, I’m a bit biased). And for “Don’t Care About Me”, has more angst to it, pushing their voices to emphasize the message of the song. 

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Final Thoughts! 

It should go without saying that I love every single track on this EP. Yes, I am still very into K-Pop, but just like anything I became a fan of, or passionate about, it’s more than just the music. It’s getting to know the artists and the process behind it all. I’ve made some amazing friends from it. And, even with seeing the toxic side of these fandoms, it keeps me grounded when it comes to being a fan and knowing that it’s more than what we see and think we know about the music industry. 


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