Justin Park Shows Versatility on New Album

This is the beginning of my return to individual music/ album reviews. I’ve been wanting to get back to the basics on my blog for a while now. And I am so excited to talk about Justin Park and his new album, I Can See the Stars from Here. I haven’t done a dedicated post for Justin Park in a while but check out the link below for the first post I ever did.


As always, it’s been fun to watch Justin’s journey. He’s dropped more song covers, even doing an R&B version of BTS’ popular English-language release “Butter”. Also, BTS member Jungkook posted one of Justin Park’s songs in his IG story and it blew up, per usual. You just have to love when other people show love to someone that you’re a fan of 🙂


My Review!

Now to this new album, titled I Can See the Stars from Here, and some of my favorite tr. The switch up of styles on this album is insane, giving us a little taste of everything. Of course, he had to show some love to his home on “Bay to the City”, the place that made him who he is.  On “Heart Unintended”, I love his voice and the melodies so much; and it’s giving slow, sultry, dark-ish vibes.

Then we get to the switch up with “Boutta Blow”, something a little different, but I am loving the sexy, confidence he brings on this one. “Brand New” and “Fleur” are more cute, upbeat, Pop/ Dance tracks. “Fleur” feels like the 80’s with that synthesizer sound (I think that’s right lol). I have to say that “SHADY” is one of my top picks from this album, with it’s fun, almost romantic, and honest lyrics.

Lastly, we have, what is feel is one of the cutest songs on this album, “You”. As well, as the last song, “Again”, which is a beautiful, slower tempo, guitar accompanied track. I could really go on and on the more I listen to the album and the lyrics, but I’m already long-winded lol. I really hope you guys check out Justin and his new music, and enjoy it as much as I have.

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