Goodbye July, Hello August! K-Pop Update!

Whew! July was a lot and even as August is just getting started, it doesn’t look like it’s about to slow up any time soon. It’s also my birthday month so I’m not complaining. This post is going to update you guys on some of the new releases that I have been checking out and enjoying in the K-Pop world. For now, I have been enjoying the music and I believe that you guys should too.

ATEEZ Starts New Journey with ZERO: FEVER, Pt. 1

Personally, I am always excited to see ATEEZ, especially since they were one of the first groups I really got into when I first started in K-Pop. They have returned with a new theme so far it’s been amazing. Of course, I love the lead single “INCEPTION” and the video for it. Some of my other favorite songs are “FEVER”, “TO THE BEAT”, and “One Day at a Time”.

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EXO-SC Makes Their Return with 1st Album 1 Billion Views

EXO’s rap line is back with 1 Billion Views – the 1st Album. I am a fan of their last project but this one is my favorite. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album, but I really love it, and I seriously love the lead single “1 Billion Views”. Even though they are the “rap line”, they have amazing vocals as well, showing those off on this album. So, other than the lead single, I also really like “Say It” and “Jet Lag”.

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Yoon Du Jun Back with Solo EP Daybreak

Highlight’s Yoon Du Jun, fresh from his return after being enlisted for the last 2 years or so, has returned with a solo EP called Daybreak. I was super excited for this this comeback, being a huge fan of his group, Highlight. He did not disappoint, with the refreshing Pop/R&B sound, and smooth vocals. The lead single “Lonely Night” is my favorite, as well as “Save Me” and “Be My Light” because they’re slower tempo and, honestly, just really soft and pretty.

If you want to know a little bit more about Yoon Du Jun and his group Highlight, check out my blog post about them here!

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Jessi Drops New EP NUNA

I became a fan of Jessi with her song “Who Dat B” just because that was the first time that I had seen a K-Hip Hop female rapper since becoming a fan of K-Pop. Regardless of the overall aesthetic that you get when see her, and the conversations that have been happening around K-Pop, I still like her, when it comes to the music. Other than the lead single “NUNA NANA”, I love the Jay Park and BM (KARD) features. Also, the song “Numb”, being that it’s a slower song, I was surprised but I really like it.

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There are so many other women and groups that I have been checking out recently. So, I’ve been listening to Hwa Sa (MamaMoo) and Irene & Seulgi (Red Velvet), their songs being a bit darker but that’s why I love it. BlackPink has returned also, with the new single “How You Like That” and are supposed to be releasing another new song soon. Some of the groups/ artists I was already following have come out with new music so I will try to check those out as well.

Other News & More Comebacks on the Way!

Monsta X – My ultimate group will be having their first online/ streaming concert ‘From Seoul With Luv’ this weekend. I bought a pass for it and, even though it’s not the same as seeing them live, I’m still excited. Praying everything happens as planned next year for us to see them in May *fingers crossed*

ONF – Currently in the middle of their Comeback schedule for the album release on August 10th

Taemin – The youngest member of SHINee and SuperM member will be making his Solo comeback on August 10th

VAV – They announced a Comeback, dates TBA as well as plans to finish their tour that was postponed due to COVID. They will be holding an Online Fan Meet, put on by Studio PAV, happening this weekend. Since I went to their show back in Feb, I have free access to this. It’s the same day as MX but I will try to do both 🙂

Wonho – He officially has a fandom name, a new logo, and his record labels have mentioned his much-awaited solo debut for around the end of August! *My heart is excited for him*

BTS – This goes without saying but the internet has been on fire with the announcement of BTS’ first all English single coming Aug 21st and a comeback to follow.

SuperM – The “K-Pop Avengers” are making their Comeback, schedule to start soon, and their 1st full album is set to drop in September.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye July, Hello August! K-Pop Update!

  1. chyenne

    1000% agree on 1 Billion Views! I always appreciate rappers with nice vocals 😇

    • Yesss! Exactly! 🙂

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