Another Reason to Stan with Monsta X’s New EP!

Recently, I have been trying to find and interact with my fellow Monbebes, especially with this new Comeback for our boys, Monsta X. I did find some, and participated in a few conversations. One of those made me realize that this would be my 7th or 8th (not counting English releases) comeback experience, being a fan of Monsta X. I’ve experience so much as a fan since I found them and I have no regrets.

But for now, let’s get back to the music, and get into Monsta X’s new EP, Reason, and my initial reactions.


Reason… My Review!

First, I want to say how proud I am of my boys and how much involvement they had with this album in the writing, production, and arrangement process. I feel like that will always separate them from other groups. As always, we got visual teasers first, and they did not disappoint. Each one was so different but stunning.

Then we got the lead single, “Beautiful Liar”, as well as the music video for it. This one is an obvious favorite, especially since it was the first taste that we got for this album. For this song we got more of rock feel, with heavy electric guitar included. I am in love with the styling for the video as well; red, leather, houndstooth textures, and harnesses.

The next tract is “Daydream”, with its softer vocals layered over the some “twinkling” vibes in the background for the chorus. Then it just gets more intense with each verse, thanks to Hyungwon, IM, and Joohoney. Speaking of intense, let’s talk about “Crescendo”, which has become a quick favorite for me. The rap line’s skills are shown off on this one and they even have Hyungwon rapping a bit, which was a welcomed surprise.

“Lone Ranger” us next up, which I honestly wasn’t expecting from them, but I am not mad. Of course, I love it! It has a similar rock vibe like “Beautiful Liar” but we get more from the rap line. After that, we come to “Deny”, a slower tempo track with a more R&B, almost jazzy, vibe. The vocals from Minhyuk are probably my favorite part. It just FITS.

Lastly, we have “It’s Alright”, and in typical fashion it’s giving cute, fun vibes to round off the album; something to make us smile. It also feels classier, mixed with some Hip Hop and R&B. To get more of a feel for the songs, check out the medley video below. I still have this video on repeat since I listened to the EP (several times 😊).

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Final Thoughts!

Of course, as a fan, it still makes me a little sad that they don’t get the recognition they truly deserve, for all that they’ve done. Whether it’s because of timing, their record label, other groups and their fans, or whatever. Monsta X deserve to be where they are and have worked hard to get here, just like everyone else. These guys have been through a lot in the last 2-3 years and have overcome everything thrown at them.

They rely on the fans so much and vice versa, but I feel like the genuine fans, understand and support them however we can. Some of us may be fans of other groups but it’s because our boys are so supportive and welcoming of others. We are a reflection of who we stan. One day, people will finally see what we’ve seen all along.

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