March Vibes! New Music to Check Out ASAP!

Nobody panic, but I have a list for you to check out that has no K-Pop on it! LOL. Even though there has been so much new music from that “genre”, I have actually been listening to a lot of my other favorite artists in the American genres this month (March) and it’s been such a new Vibe. But I guess that’s mainly because, they’ve really been pushing music out, which makes me happy.


More Vibes from Keys Open Doors’ New EP! 

You just have to love “surprise” drops like this. Artist, keyboardist, and producer Keys Open Doors, my best friend in my head (LOL) just released a new EP called Fool’s Journey. Now, right away, I’m getting Kendrick Lamar vibes. What I mean by that is the overall laid-back feel with deep lyrics.

I’ve literally listened to it about 3 times in less than a 24-hour period, and I still can’t necessarily pick a favorite. I do find myself vibing a bit more to “What is Life”, though, with its repeating lyrics and chorus. Then there’s the lyrics in the last song “Money Talks” where he says, “They don’t know I’m broke, just think I’m cheap” and I feel that in my soul! This is one of those projects you can either ride around and vibe to or stay in and listen to on the weekend.

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Maurice Moore Releases New Single and Pooh Shiesty Remix!

Ya’ll are going to get tired of me talking about this guy, but he keeps releasing Bops, so I won’t stop anytime soon. And I know that he plans on releasing on a consistent basis so there will definitely be more to come. His last release called “DUI” dropped last week and is a sexy song to set the mood (remember to stay safe though ;)). He also released videos of him singing, check that out below…

He also released his remix for Pooh Shiesty’s latest track “Back in Blood” on Soundcloud. His talent and vocal ability continue to amaze me, even though I have known for a while how brilliant he is when it comes to music (4+ years now, I think). He shows his rapping chops on this one, though, and he doesn’t disappoint. I honestly cannot wait until we can go to love shows again, because Maurice is on my list of people that I am most looking forward to.

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Will Singe is Back with a New Single!

Another favorite of mine who is back with some new music is Will Singe. He started out making these insane covers on Youtube, a lot of the time doing it better than the original. But his original music is even better and always brings the grown and sexy R&B vibes. “Talk to Me Nice” is his latest single and he also a visual for it… Check that out below!

One of my favorite parts of this song has to be the slow down at the end. I’m a fan of Chopped and Screwed music so anything that resembles it and is done well, I’m here for it. But, I mean, I’m a fan of Will’s voice PERIODT so… Also, many of us have been waiting for new music from Will, but I know he’s been through a lot, so it’s just good to hear his voice on something.

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New Music from Zane Taylor featuring Justin Park!

This is my first time listening to Zane Taylor but I’m digging his voice, so I’ll have to check more. For now, though, I want to tell you guys about his collaboration with Justin Park called “Westside”. I’ve mentioned Justin before, who is a Korean-American R&B artist out of Los Angeles. He basically won me over with his Pink Sweats cover, and his album Places Like Home is one of my favorite albums.

Of course, I am in love with Justin’s smooth vocals, they get me every time. The song also features Planet Love, and his verse is nice for sure. I can’t really place the song, as far as genres go. It’s one of those laid-back, California Pop/R&B type tracks, in a lane of its own.

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K-R&B Artist Gemini Links up with Jay Park!

I was excited about this collaboration as soon as I heard about it. Gemini is a recent discovery for me, but I was an instant fan after hearing his first release “Going”. Other than this recent single “Trip”, he also released “Know Me”. All of his music has me singing along before I’m even realizing.

This particular single “Trip” is a little more up-tempo and something that I can only describe as flowy or almost “trippy” vibes in the background. And I seriously love hearing GEMINI and Jay singing the bridge before leading into the catchy chorus. The other song on this single “Fake” and the chorus is my favorite part, mainly because of the harmonizing near the end of it. I’m really just looking forward to more at this point.

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