Music Review! Nick Jonas & His New EP Last Year Was Complicated is Here!

Happy Hump Day! I’m a day late with this review but better late than never, right? 🙂

It seems like such an awesome time for music or maybe just because it’s so easily accessible than it used to be. I have been loving all of these “blue-eyed soul” artists releasing new music this year. This artist in particular, I have been excited about and anticipating his new album for a while. But it’s finally here, Nick Jonas’ new EP Last Year Was Complicated.

Nick has become quite the sex symbol and has grown so much as a person and as an artist. He has even been compared to Justin Timberlake. And, honestly, I can’t really argue with that. People seem a bit more comfortable hearing Nick sing R&B and going the same route as JT than some other former “bubble-gum pop” artists. I guess because they feel that it doesn’t sound forced. I don’t really know. And I believe that there are a lot of artists like Nick who don’t get enough credit for making the transition from boy band pop to grown and sexy R&B with that Pop edge. But I guess that’s another blog topic.

Last Year Was Complicated… My Review

Now onto this amazing album Nick has put out. It is definitely love and relationships record, in all its forms. My favorite track is still the first single he released featuring Tove Lo called “Close”. But I already am starting to have some other favorites the more I listen to this album. Here’s something for everyone and every situation, if you love up-tempo Pop tracks, slow love ballads, or smooth R&B records. It’s all on this album.

Some of my favorites from Nick’s EP are: “Voodoo”, “Chainsaw”,”Bacon” featuring Ty Dolla Sign, and “Comfortable”. The whole album is amazing from start to finish but those songs caught my attention when I first heard them.

Please enjoy his new video for his sexy new single “Under You”…


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