MCM: Jon Bellion

Happy Music Crush Monday! Today is going to be a MCM and Music Review.

As usual, I was looking through my Apple Music to find something new and different to listen to. There was an album I had already been looking forward to but then I came across Jon Bellion. From his picture, album artwork, and album title I was curious. So I listened to it and was blown away. I had never heard of him before now and I’m just like where have I been?! He’s amazing, has a pretty large and dedicated fan base, has dropped a few mixtapes, and has been touring. He’s even written for Eminem, Rihanna, and Jason DeRulo.

Jon Bellion is a 25 year old singer/ songwriter from Long Island, NY. He is super cute, has an awesome, versatile voice, and from what I’ve seen so far, some pretty nice dance moves. He has become an instant favorite for me.

Last week on Friday, June 10th, he released his debut EP titled The Human Condition. The album is so unique and definitely showcases his creativity and lyrical ability. I do love the album as a whole and if I listed my favorites then the list would pretty much just look like the track list itself LOL. It’s just a great album and has everything a music fan would want. He talks about life, love, and relationships. But it doesn’t come across like its same thing everyone else talks about. His delivery of it all is just brilliant.



The swag he has is ridiculous and I love it! Just check out his lyric from his track “Eyes to the Sky” off of his mixtape The Separation

“…Smarter than your average
Raised around Brooklyn based Italian
There’s so much soul up in my Johnson, I don’t need a rapper on it
Because the urbans in my testes but I come and pop packaging (yikes)…”

Dope right?! That’s like one of my favorite lyrics! And the rest of his mixtapes are worth checking out as well.


He will soon be going on tour and I hope I can catch him when he comes to Houston, TX in July.

For now though, check out his new music video for his song “Guillotine” from his new album The Human Condition out now!




Check Him Out!



Twitter & Instagram @jonbellion

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