July Muzik Playback & Other News!

July is almost over, and it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I hope this means that I can get back to doing Muzik Playbacks, Updates, etc… regularly again. Keeping up with new music became more of a chore for a while, but I kept up with my favorites as much as I could. This post is going talk about some of them, as well as a little playlist I put together. Most of these artists are my go-to when it comes to my favorite music to listen to when nothing else works.


D.O. Debut Solo Mini Album!

I am currently listening to this album as I write this, and don’t know here to start. This is one of the most beautiful albums I have heard. Kyungsoo aka D.O., vocalist from the group EXO, has released his first solo mini album Empathy, and I should not be surprised at how amazing every song is. He is in my top list of vocalists in K-Pop, and he has continued to prove me right with this album.

The lead single “Rose”, that has both a Korean and English version, is adorable and is like a cute, folksy, love song. I am also blown away by the fact that he has a Spanish song on here, “Si Fueras Mia” or “If You Were Mine” (per Google translate so if I’m wrong, I apologize). Every song on this album comes together to make this beautiful body of work. It’s one of those albums that makes my soul happy and makes me smile.

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Jackson Wang Collaboration with Internet Money!

It’s literally a movie every time Jackson Wang comes out with new music. Every song he releases tells a story and the music video expands on it. His vision is always so classic and theatric, and I love that about him. “Drive You Home” is a soft Pop track, and another romantic story told by our Jackson 🙂

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BM (Big Matthew) Debut Solo Project & Visuals!

As soon as I heard that we would be getting some solo BM music, I was ecstatic. He is definitely one of those special artists to me, and I adore him so much as a person. As far as K-Pop group positions go, he is the “rapper” in his group KARD, but this project shows off his singing skills and a side of him that we may not be used to seeing. He showed vulnerability in his first single “Broken Me”, which was more of a soft rock type song, with beautiful visuals to match.

He also dropped another single and a music video for “13Ivi”, which is a more up tempo and Hip Hop styled song, and where we get to see BM in his element. There is currently a dance challenge for this, and his other song on this special single release “Body Movin”, on Tik Tok.

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Monsta X New Single!

I am still unsure how to describe this “Universe” platform that these artists are on, but that’s what this new Monsta X single “Kiss or Death” is for and has been promoted on. The song and visuals are classic, “beast idol”, and sexy Monsta X, so of course I love it. And Joohoney’s verse on this one is probably one of my favorites from him in a while. The delivery of it, and attitude, reminds me of some of his older verses.

It seems like the guys have been busy and all over the place, between the music, variety shows in Korea, and online magazine content both here in the states and Korea. But, unfortunately, in the middle of all of that, we had to send off our beloved leader Shownu so that he can fulfill his military duties. Many of us knew it was coming but unsure of when it would happen. The selfish side of me is sad because he won’t be here when they tour early next year.

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BTS English-Language Releases!

When it comes to BTS, I try to not post too much about them, since they are already everywhere, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. So, I haven’t really shared my thoughts on their recent singles “Butter” and “Permission to Dance”. I will say this, though, “Butter” is my favorite English-language release from them, hands down. “Dynamite” was cute and supposed to be a “feel good” song, and so is “Permission to Dance”, but I don’t love them.

I’ve listened to their entire catalogue, so their English-language songs aren’t as impressive. Yes, it’s always great when K-Pop artists decided to release music in English, or even in Spanish, but sometimes, the topic or theme of the song is watered down too much. I get what they were trying to do because of the times we are currently living in, but for me personally, they just didn’t hit me the same as their other music.

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And check out my July Muzik Playback playlist on Spotify! Link below!


Coming Soon!

  Jinyoung (Got7)


  The Boyz

  Stray Kids

  Key (SHINee)

  Jay B

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