August Vibes! New Muzik Favs (So Far)!

And I am back with a lot of new stuff to share! First, I want to share some of my favorite new releases that have come out so far this month. I am pretty sure that there will be several more before the month is over. But, some of my older favorites, like Astro, SF9, Jinyoung, and TEN have come out with some new music, so I had to come on and talk about those.

GOT7’s Jinyoung New Single “Dive”

Been so busy trying to keep up with “Actor Park Jinyoung” that this new music snuck up on me. He is an amazing actor and I still need to catch up on some of his projects. But I have really been missing singer Park Jinyoung 🙂 The song is called “Dive” and has such an upbeat pop, almost 80s soft rock type of sound to it. 

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NCT/ WayV’s TEN Drops New Single “Paint Me Naked”!

Ten is a member of the giant group NCT, and a part of many subunits, including the Chinese subunit WayV. He has always been one of my favorite members because of his overall talent, and his bubbly personality. This new release from him, “Paint Me Naked” fits him so perfectly, in my opinion, with a fun, Pop/ Rock sound. I mean, the title alone fits him, and this song does not disappoint. 

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Astro New Switch On – EP

Astro has been one of my favorite groups since I started this K-Pop journey. So, it’s never a surprise when I love a new release from them. The lead single, “After Midnight” for this new Switch On – EP is further proof of that. I feel like I am falling more in love with JinJin and Rocky’s (Bias Wrecker) verses on their songs these days. 

When it comes to Astro, I can always depend on them to provide upbeat, bubbly, feel-good, dance songs. Other than the lead single, I am a fan of “Footprint”, another soft, bubbly track. “My Zone”  and “Don’t Worry” have become favorites also, which have a different vibes to them compared to the others, with more Pop/ R&B (subtle) vibes. Their members have been doing a lot also, from acting to hosting radio/ podcast, and variety shows.  

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SF9 9th Mini Album Turn Over 

SF9 is another one of those groups that helped push my K-Pop journey and me becoming a Multi- Stan (fan of multiple K-Pop groups FYI) 🙂 Their sound has always been pretty different to a lot of the groups I am used to listening to. The lead single “Tear Drop” does remind me of some of the older 2nd gen and older groups that I’ve been listening to. It’s a heavy Pop/ Dance track with this amazing “twinkling” sound in the background, simulating a teardrop!

“Believer” has a similar sound to the lead single. Then when you get to “Love Again” and “Off My Mind”, they start as pretty slower tempo songs but pick up. And to be honest, I’m having a hard time choosing a favorite because I really like “Fanatic” too. It’s just that their overall music style is so cool and sexy to me. 

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Day6 (Even of Day) Album Right Through Me

These next 2 groups are some “different” favorites for me. I say that because they are actually a full band who play their own instruments, so their sound is a bit different from other “traditional” K-Pop groups. Day6 is the first group like this that I started listening to, so I’ve been a fan of them for a while now. This new project, Right Through Me, has become a fast favorite.

For “WE”, the hook got me with it’s beautiful harmonies from the guys. The title song “Right Through Me” has a cute, “jazzy” feel to it. “All the Things You Wanted” reminds me of an 80s soft rock type ballad; such a beautiful song that sticks with me every time I listen to it. Another song that sticks with me, long after I’m done listening, is “From the ending of a Tragedy”, with its addicting harmonic chorus. 

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LUCY Gatcha! – EP

As soon as I saw the group LUCY, and that they play their own instruments like DAY6, I couldn’t wait to hear them. They are still a pretty new group but everything I have heard from them so far has been amazing, especially this recent release, Gatcha! Even though their dynamic is similar to DAY6,, their sound is a bit different. It’s hard for me to really place their exact sound, but they do kind of remind me of groups like One Republic and Owl City.

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New Youtube Video!

I recently recorded another special unboxing for you guys! Wonho officially has a light stick so, of course you know I ordered one as soon as they were available. My angles when recording still aren’t the best, and I could have shown off the light stick better. But I hope you still enjoy the video and can appreciate my genuine excitement and reactions 🙂

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