The Spacesuit Junkies… Take a Trip Outside the Box!

Happy Friday Guys! It feels so good to be back and posting some new content for you. I know that it has been a good while since I last posted but I needed some time to gather myself and my thoughts. I’ve also been putting together more ideas to make this blog even better than before. There will be lots of new content and stories coming your way VERY soon. I promise!

Now, yes there has been a ton of new music released since the last time I posted but nothing really caught my attention. I have been feeling less inspired by the newer music coming out lately. But from what it looks like, there are some new releases coming that I am very excited about. So, I will be able to talk about some artists that I have been listening to since high school and their new music.

Let’s talk about today’s post, though. This music review has been a long time coming, actually just about a month or so LOL. But these guys, the Spacesuit Junkies, are pretty popular on social media (Twitter & Instagram) which is where I found them. I am so happy that they reached out to me because artists like them seem to get overlooked (which they shouldn’t). I am more than happy to be the one to tell you about them.


Who are The Spacesuit Junkies?

The Spacesuit Junkies are two guys from South Florida who make what you call Urban House music. This duo consists of artist/ producers Plex Boogie and Stevie Zenith who met while working on separate projects in college. As songwriters, they have worked with many Grammy-nominated producers. They have also written for some K-Pop and EDM artists more recently.

Their sound is when you mix Hip-Hop/ R&B, a little bit of Pop, and some House/ EDM sounds together. Their name “Spacesuit Junkies” represents their mission to spreading their positive message through their own unique style of music. These guys are currently working out of Atlanta. And, to me, the fact that they are from the South, work here, and sound nothing like what normally comes from this area, is so refreshing to me.


The Mixtapes

Now, before I get into their most recent EP, I decided to check out their mixtape MoonRockz. They went under the names Plex and S-Jayy at the time. Since I listened to Luv & Bass first I wasn’t sure what to expect from this EP. I was very surprised and impressed with the lyrical content on this album.

MoonRockz is definitely more Rap/ Hip-Hop. This mixtape is full of hard-hitting Hip-Hop beats, witty word-play, and melodic choruses. Even with that kind of rapping, they are still very unique in their delivery. Some of the tracks even give me old-school Hip-Hop vibes which is awesome to me.

Then we have their mixtape Boomboxx. This record comes across as a mix of Luv & Bass and MoonRockz. We are still getting that raw Hip-Hop but also those R&B and House elements. Positivity is still the mission here, no matter how hard hitting the lyrical content is.


My Review of Luv & Bass

 So, let’s get to this Ep Luv & Bass, it is 7 tracks of fun, upbeat, party music. They released it on February 20th. The first single off of it is called “Buzzin” and it’s hard to not dance to it! This EP can be used while getting ready for the club, can be played at the club or a party, or just to jam to on the weekend.

Personally, I have to be in a certain mood to sit and listen to “dance” music. But, this album is not like that, and is very easy to listen to. You would think that because it is a House music album that all of the songs would sound the same. Even though the songs have a lot of the same elements to them, they are very different.

This record definitely has that Urban House vibe. We get the perfect mix of Hip Hop, R&B, and House. The hooks are very catchy and fun,making me want to dance and sing along right away. I truly love their voices, even with the bit of auto-tune that they use. In most circumstances, auto-tune bothers me, but they use it perfectly. It doesn’t take away the quality of the songs at all.


So, overall I really do like this EP very much. You guys should definitely go to their Soundcloud (link below) and check out their music. I feel like there is a little something for everyone in their music. Let me know what you think!


Here’s the video for their song “Buzzin'”…



Check Them Out!


Twitter @TeamSpacesuit

Instagram @spacesuitjunkies






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