Remixes, Collaborations & Other Muzik News! (August)

So many great releases have been coming out since August, I’m still catching up 🙂 Also, this post also turned out longer than originally planned, and ended up being split into two. This is basically the other part to my last post (about Jay B), but this one is more about the recent remixes and collaborations. It’s honestly been a lot and I am still trying to figure out how to put content together, maybe in a different way. 


Pentagon’s Yuto, Kino, & Wooseok Release Single “Cerberus”!

Pentagon will always be up there with Monsta X for me because they were one of the first K-Pop groups I really got into (sorry if I keep saying that lol). This particular song was exciting because both my Bias (Wooseok) and Bias Wrecker (Yuto) are in this sub-unit, AND it has more of a Rock feel. And I absolutely love all of the craziness in the video! It’s kind of dark but still has a sense of humor to it.

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JUST B Debut EP Just Burn!

Still not sure how I got into them, but they debuted this past June, and have already caught my attention. I know that not every K-Pop group has a bubbly, cute Pop sound, but it still kind of surprises me to hear a new group make “hard-hitting” music like this. It’s hard to describe but the music and beat has more of a heavy EDM sound. But it’s still mixed with those Pop and light Hip Hop elements to it.

I really love their lead single “Damage”, though. That’s what initially got my attention. “Double Dare” and “Deja Vu” are the other tracks that I really like, especially the bridge and chorus parts. I’m really excited to see what else they do after debuting. Many groups are doing things differently, and I’m happy to see it.

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WayV’s Ten & YangYang Release New Single “Low Low”!

Since they are a part of NCT, I was not surprised that they have been separating into units to release new music. What did kind of surprise me, is that the song is in English. But, it is such a cute, fun, Pop, Dance song. The chorus is super catchy so it’s easy to catch on to the lyrics. 

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ATEEZ Collaboration with Pentatonix!

Apparently Pentatonix had been teasing about this on social media the week leading up to the release of this song. But, of course, some (K-Pop) fans figured it out before it was announced/ released lol. The song is called “A Little Space” and features ATEEZ members San, Jungho, and Yunho. It’s not just a “bubbly”/ dance Pop song, with some light R&B elements to it.

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BTS Drops “Butter” Remix Featuring Meg Thee Stallion

Definitely didn’t see this one coming, but I guess after all of those “Dynamite” remixes, I shouldn’t have been so surprised. And apparently, this remix almost didn’t get released because of some drama with Meg thee Stallion and her former record label/ representation, I believe. But, Meg and her style in the verse fit “Butter” extremely well, so I am happy about that. As a K-Pop fan, though, I just hope this isn’t just another opportunity to take advantage (not by Meg but by US record labels).

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William Singe Covers BTS’ “Permission to Dance”!

I feel like this one shocked me the most lol. Yes, I have been keeping up with him on social media and whatnot, but I definitely missed this one somehow. But, Will did a cover of BTS’ recent hit “Permission to Dance”, but gave it more of an R&B spin. Now, keep in mind, this is not one of my favorite songs by BTS, but I really love the way Will changed it up. 

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Coming Soon!

Wonho Comeback!

Young K (Day6) Solo Debut!

NCT 127 Comeback!

Monsta X New Single!

HIGHLIGHT’s Yoseop Solo Debut!

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