Music Review: Stoney

Before I go into this week’s music/ album review, I want to tell you guys a little about this artist…

His name is Austin Richard Post bka Post Malone. He is a 21 year old rapper/ singer/ songwriter from Texas. Some of you may have heard his song “White Iverson” which was his first single that was released early last year (2015). That was one of my favorite songs at the time and I was surprised to actually see what he looked like because I did not expect that at all. It made me like him even more. I love people that you don’t expect or don’t see coming…




Now let’s get to this album. Stoney was released 2 Fridays ago (December 9th) on iTunes/ Apple Music. It is his very first studio album release but you can check out his mixtape called August 26th. As I mentioned previously, I was already a fan after “White Iverson” but then after hearing his second single “Déjà vu” which features another favorite of mine, Justin Bieber aka Biebs, I couldn’t wait to hear the album.

I tried to not assume that I knew what his sound would be. I’m glad that I didn’t because right off the bat, the very first song “Broken Whiskey Glass” shattered whatever I was expecting. This song has a little country twang, old soul, rock ballad vibe to it. It’s insane and impressive, honestly.

The rest of the album takes those elements and mixes them with Hip Hop/ Rap and R&B. I thought he would’ve gone more with a Hip Hop sound but he didn’t do that at all and I appreciate it so much. It’s a soft and vulnerable album which I didn’t expect at all. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one.

Some of my favorite tracks are “Big Lie”, “Déjà vu” featuring Justin Bieber, “White Iverson”, “Patient”, “Go Flex”, and “Congratulations” featuring Quavo. I truly do love the entire album but there is just something about those songs that I listed that make me feel a different way when listening to them. He has a couple of other features that I did not mention including his song “Feel” with Kehlani and “Money Made Me Do It” featuring 2 Chainz


My Final Opinion

I love this album and it will definitely go down as one of my favorites from this year. He showed us so many sides to himself as an artist and I hope that he is recognized for it. But, I had not really paid attention to a lot of the backlash he has been getting being a white rapper/ r&b artist. That hurts my soul a little because I am really getting sick of people believing that only certain people or a certain race can make Rap/ Hip Hop or R&B music.

Not everyone is trying to “steal” our culture just to make money off of it. If that’s the kind of music that they grew up on. I mean, of course they are going to be heavily influenced by it and craft their artistry around it. In Post’s case, he makes really good music, and it doesn’t come across like he’s even trying that hard. Let the boy make his music and share it with those who want to hear it.

With all of that being said, I came across an article about Post and all of that drama in the LA Times where it says… ‘Why Post Malone Has Been Called the Donald Trump of Hip Hop’… I hate that they’re even comparing Post to that man but I can understand why after reading their explanation. He doesn’t seem too bothered by it all so I hope he stays that way and continues to give us this amazing music.


Check out the LA Times article here  <  >


Check Out his most recent video for “Too Young” here…



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