Music Review: Tru

For this review I want to talk about an old favorite of mine… Atlanta’s own Lloyd 🙂

He dropped a 5 track EP on Friday called Tru. The first track is “Tru” which was the first single from this album. It’s such a real and relatable song. You can tell he is singing from his soul, from a very deep place, while explaining what he’s been going through leading up to this record. The song starts out with him saying… “I lost it all, my friends, my loved ones… But in life there’s always a chance to grow… From the struggle, from the pain, from the realness… Here’s my story…”.

The second track “Heavenly Body” has a Rick Ross feature which fit the vibe of the song for sure. It gives me strip club/ slow jam vibes, which isn’t a bad thing, and it’s just a description of his appreciation of the female anatomy (simple right?). It’s not vulgar or aggressive or anything which I love. Then we get a Lil Wayne feature on “Holding” which is next. I am slowly losing interest in hearing Lil Wayne on anything anymore, to be honest, but I still love Lloyd’s voice on this one. It’s basically him describing his type of woman, someone to hold him down while he does the same for her. The fourth track “Excited” goes away from the slower jams and goes completely sexual and a little more upbeat. It’s still a very fun track for sure though.

Now we come to the end of the album, the last track being a remix for “Tru” featuring 2 Chainz, who opens up the song from the very start. I was a bit sad that this EP was only 5 tracks but I’m really happy that he came out with this. I can definitely say that even after all of these years, his voice still puts me in an R&B trance. He has only gotten better with time and I will always be a fan of his.



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Twitter @Lloyd_YG

Instagram @curlyheadedblackboy


Check Out His Video for “Tru” Here…


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