Cecil John A Re-Introduction & His Newest Project ‘My Soliloquy’!

Happy Saturday! I’m really excited about this post. The artist I am going to be talking to you about, Cecil John, I have already mentioned him a good amount of times before now. I haven’t gone into too much detail about him or his background because I was waiting for something like this. Now that he has an EP out, I can show you more, especially why I adore him so much.

Who is Cecil John?

Cecil is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He is originally from Hawaii but now lives and works out of Los Angeles, CA. He started working with Luke Christopher while he was earning his Degree in Audio Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering. That led him to collab and engineer more with Luke and his projects, including Luke’s recent studio album TMRW FRVR.

He made his debut as a solo artist back in 2014 with some song releases on Soundcloud. He produces, writes, records, mixes, and masters all of his music. Cecil also is a part of an elite collective, Grand Cru Entertainment, of Grammy winning and nominated songwriters. I am still just so blown away at everything that he does.

(This was posted about a year ago but it gives a glimpse into Cecil’s story and I thought it was pretty cool)

And I’m not even going to lie, when I first read about his background and what he worked on with Luke, especially since they worked on one of my favorite songs together, “Plans”. Up until now, I only knew Cecil as Luke Christopher’s cute DJ, member of #TMRWGANG 🙂 first seeing him when Luke was on the Hype Tour with Hoodie Allen. I still remember when he first walked out on stage to set up, my friend and I were like “Who is that?” 🙂 He was amazing and so adorable up there.

The Music & My Review of the New Project My Soliloquy

So, yesterday Cecil released an EP full of previously released music plus one new song. A lot of the songs are already on his Soundcloud but they are now available on other major platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. I was already familiar with most of the tracklist and loved them already so I really wanted to hear this new song, “Young Lover”, especially since he said this about it on Instagram:

“… I’ll be including an additional song that I just finished and it’s one of the most personal songs I’ve ever released. This project is a culmination of songs that capture moments in my life that once were, and through these songs they will live on forever. I tend to get over songs pretty quickly being that I am always growing and evolving as an artist, so as a result of that a lot of my great songs have gone unheard…”

As for the project as a whole, I love everything about it. I don’t want to even say that I have favorites, even though I’ve really been feeling “Your Love” which is the first track. But when it comes to the new song, “Young Lover”, which is the last track, that one hit me on a much deeper level. Unless I heard him wrong, he was talking about his rough relationship with his dad; which has always been a sensitive subject for me because I went through something similar with my Pops. The song was just so raw and honest, and I really appreciate him for sharing that.

Final Thoughts!

After I started to follow Cecil on social media, I saw that he was also a singer. The music on his Soundcloud page had me speechless and all in my feelings! It was so crazy how much they all made me feel something; reminding me of the first time I heard Luke’s music. I seriously can’t wait to see him and Luke again, and hopefully meet them both this time (and not be so freaking awkward! I was definitely not being my normal self that night LOL).

I just really wanted to take some time and show some love to this super talented dude. He is just so inspiring to me and I just want him to get the recognition he deserves. There are a select few artists who I feel this passionate about and want everyone to hear them at some point. I know how I feel but I am always curious about how other people react to the same music.


Follow Him ASAP!

Official: www.ceciljohnmusic.com

Twitter & Instagram @ceciljohnmusic

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/ceciljohnmusic

YouTube: www.youtube.com/ceciljohnmusic


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