2021 Muzik Junqie Highlights!

Well, it’s time to look back on another crazy year. 2021 was full of new experiences, good and bad. Many adjustments had to be made and a lot of us had to learn to adapt. It was also another year full of music and online concerts, as well as a slow-ish return to live music.

My Keys to Surviving 2021

I’ll start with the obvious (LOL), music played a huge part in getting me through this year, especially online concerts. K-Pop played a large part in that again as well, especially when it came to music videos and videos that helped me get to know some of my favorite groups better. Next, I watched more Anime and K-Dramas, which were lovely distractions, and the queue is still growing longer and longer. Lastly, we have Manga, which I guess could be a part of Anime, but it made me read a lot more than I had been.

Now, when it comes to the people in my life, things didn’t change much with my usual circle of friends. I did meet some more amazing people through Twitter and Instagram, though. We share a lot of the same interests and were able to chat about our favorite music, groups, and even some new discoveries. I hope to get to know them more in the coming year 🙂


Some of My Favorite Posts

Even though I am still not as confident as I would like to be when it comes to my writing, I do still like some of my posts. Check out some of those posts below, that I enjoyed writing and still feel good about. They really do describe my favorite things and moments from the year.

A couple of online concerts that were so amazing. Of course, I had to experience BTS again. Plus, I got to see B.I.’s first solo online concert, where I discovered Afghan (there’s a music review in the concert recap post). The only thing I don’t have listed is Monsta X and their first movie, that went along with their 2nd full length English language album, The Dreaming.

Experiencing BTS’ 6th Muster SoWooZoo Concert!

131 Live Presents! My Recap & New Music to Check Out!


I listened to a lot of solo K-Pop and K R&B artists as well, this year. Some of my Favs went solo and dropped beautiful albums. That, of course, led to more new music discoveries. And I also re-discovered an iconic K Hip Hop group, Epik High, who I will be seeing live for the first-time next April, and I am ecstatic!

Baekhyun’s New Mini Album and More K R&B Favorites!

Re-introducing Jay B! Solo Debut with H1GHR MUSIC!

Epik High is Back with New Album Epik High is Here Part 1!


These next posts are somewhat random. I tried to not do as many Awards Show recaps because it’s just not the same. But after this year’s Grammy’s, I had a lot to say. And I also did a post for how to deal with social media and how toxic we know it can be.

Are the Grammy’s Still Valid for Artists in 2021?

Social Media: The Toxic Side & How to Avoid it


Lastly, we have my K-Drama reviews. These are the main ones that I watched this year. I did just finish Beyond Evil and will probably start a new series soon. But the posts below were series that left a big impact on me, and because of their popularity, I thought I would share my thoughts as well. There are spoilers, so read at your own risk! 🙂

Squid Game… A Twisted K-Drama Review!


Manga Turned Popular Netflix Series! Alice in Borderland

My D.P. K-Drama Review & Some Other Favorites!

Youtube Channel Highlights!

One word to describe my videos in 2021… Unboxing. I honestly didn’t plan on doing so many unboxings or buying that much merch in general, but here we are LOL. But I feel like without spending money on concert and traveling, that’s where that money went. I am proud of my growing K-Pop album and light stick collection. This will probably slow down for me, though, so I can continue to save for concerts and other things.


I hope to do more YouTube videos, but on different topics. It won’t be just about K-Pop or unboxing merchandise. There are so many experiences I have had that I would love to share. My opinions on music and artists could also be a fun topic too, so we’ll see.


What 2021 Taught Me

I have learned a lot about myself, as well as others, and how to interact with certain types of people in the future. I’m okay with the fact that everyone around me is not going to fully understand or support my blog or what I’m interested in. As long as I stay true to myself and continue to be passionate about things that make me happy, then I’ll continue to meet more people who feel the same. Not everyone is like me, and not everyone does their research.

My Writing Journey So Far… (& Why I Almost Quit)

Plans for 2022

First off, I am hoping to be attending more concerts and live events in general. As for as future content and other planning, nothing is set is stone, and I rather not say until things are good for me. I have realized that over the years, I had talked about my plans too soon and most of it didn’t happen or didn’t happen that way that I had hoped. So, I rather just keep quiet for now and work quietly.


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