COVID-19… The Muzik Junqie Survival Guide for Creatives!

This post is not going to be very scientific, but I will link some basic info and articles below if that’s what you are looking for. My ‘survival guide’ to dealing with this COVID-19 pandemic will be more-so for my music/creatives. It’s like we’re living in a Sci-Fi movie/ video game right now, am I right?! But, in all seriousness, I am doing this for those like myself who are more Empaths, love music, being creative, but also may suffer from anxiety and depression…

For more accurate information on COVID-19 go to

How COVID-19 Affected Me & How I Am Coping

I was laid off from my job literally the day or two after we were given the green light to work from home. Of course, lay-offs are tough on anyone but this will have been the second time I have been laid off in 6 months (the first one for different, “departmental change” BS reasons). I have already been dealing with so much in these last 6 months so this was just another crushing blow. Therapy was finally happening for me but I had to stop it before it even got started because I would be losing my insurance and can’t afford out of pocket expenses.

I can’t honestly say that I am coping well with any of this right now. Since being home and jobless, I have been trying to focus on other things and honestly just being grateful for my health at this point. I am trying to immerse myself in my writing and maybe finally get out of my own head and push this brand so that maybe one day I won’t need a 9 to 5. With everything going on, we are all being forced to sit with ourselves and have nothing but time to invest in our goals.

How We Can All Cope with COVID-19 A Little Better

Now, if you spend too much time on social media (like I do) then I’m sure you’ve seen the posts encouraging people to learn a new skill, find a side hustle, or other ways to better yourselves. But all it sounds like is that if you don’t they can judge you for being lazy and undisciplined *rolls eyes*. Being productive is definitely a good thing during times like this, especially if you have anxiety or depression. Do it at your own pace and what you feel will work for you; NOT for the approval of others.

– Start a new series (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc…)
– Listen to music – discover a new genre or artist
– Cook more, learn more recipes OR learn how to cook
– Read a book, find a blog that talks about your interests, etc…
– Exercise or Meditate
– Remember to go outside, get some fresh air, and some sun.
– If you are a writer, write more; an artist, draw more; neither but are interested, learn how.
– If there are skills you do want to learn but didn’t have the time, now is perfect, no rush,  though
– Organize/ De-clutter Home or Apartment (I’ve done this & it’s helped a bit)
– Keep in touch with family and friends (I’m horrible at this but it’s a long story)
– Take breaks from social media and the news – Stay aware but don’t obsess and feed into the fear and negativity that comes with it

If You Are Unemployed:

– Update your resume
– Update your Linked In profile or start one – Start connecting
– Apply for Unemployment benefits/ insurance/ Medicaid if you qualify
– Check for emergency food stamps/ aid
– Find ways to lower your bills if you can (call, they usually can work with you)
– Keep an eye out for places that are hiring or at least what skills are valued – work on those if you can

How to Help Our Favorite Artists & Creatives

With everything being shut down and rules against large gatherings, of course, that meant a lot of shows, concerts, and festivals having to be canceled or postponed. As a fan that broke my heart and I still have no words that heart-break. I had planned for 2020 to be my “Year of the Fan-Girl” but I feel like I need to start planning my 2021 instead. But just like the fans are heartbroken, so are the artists, because, for a lot of them, it’s their livelihood.
I’ve been doing a lot of reading and heard some tips from a close friend who is in the industry. So I have found some ways that we can help them get through this, at least until things start looking brighter for all of us. Here are some things that we can do, as fans:

– Stream their music on music platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc…
– Stream music videos on Youtube
– Purchase merchandise through their official websites
– Watch and support when they go live on Facebook, Instagram, etc…
– Donate to their charities or to music/artist-related charities in general

For Artists:

– Go on Google and search artist relief COVID-19… There are record labels helping the artists that are struggling during this pandemic

Final Thoughts!

Of course, there is so much more information out there, guides to help all of us. After you filter through all of the BS, of course, but it is out there. Do what works for you, feels good to YOU. Something that I have definitely learned through all of this is that we all have to deal with things on our time so don’t pay attention to anyone else’s schedules or how they are dealing with it. And even if you don’t follow any of the tips that I listed, it’s all good.

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Oh! There is one tip that I forgot to add, for ALL of us… DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE!

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