Music Review! Drake Gives Us Views from the 6!

It’s time for another Music Review! And I am going to try my best to give you an open and honest review on (some of) our favorite Toronto MC Drake’s new 20 track album Views that was released on Friday 4/29…

(I know it’s Wednesday but I needed a little extra time with this one)

Before I even get into my overall impression of this record, I want to go into how I feel about some of the tracks…Since it is Drake after all… Couldn’t resist 🙂

My Review 🙂

Track 1 “Keep the Family Close” – This song pretty much pulled me in right away. I honestly believe it was the dramatics from the music more than anything. Drake’s vocals on this is great too though. The lyrics, though, are not going to fend off the people who accuse Drake of being “sensitive”…

Track 2 “9” – The hook “I made a decision last night that I would die for it…” is my favorite part of the whole song to be honest.

Track 3 “U With Me” – Other than the fact that the song opens up with a DMX sample, his singing reminds me of Bryson Tiller’s vocals on Trap Soul. 

Track 6 “Weston Road Flows” – This is probably my favorite song off of this entire album. I’m a 90’s music fan so of course he won me over right away with a classic Mary J. Blige sample. The whole vibe of the song is reminiscent of the 90’s. His verses also remind me of his first mix tapes.

Track 7 “Redemption” – This is definitely one of those Drake tracks that put you all in your feelings which is okay sometimes. Of course he name drops towards the end but that’s what we know him for, right? It’s slowly becoming another favorite for me though.

Track 8 “With You”  – This one features PartyNextDoor which is a nice little switch up with the vocals, over a more upbeat tempo. It also has some Island drum beats which helps pick up the song significantly. I’m not really mad at this track.

Track 9 “Faithful” – My main reasons for even talking about this song is because of the opening Pimp C (RIP) verse and vocals from Dvsn that I absolutely love.

Track 11 “Controlla” – We have another track with an Island vibe. But I do like this one. The lyrics are a bit sexier so it fits well with this tempo. The Beenie Man sample doesn’t hurt either 🙂

Track 14 “Child’s Play” – I honestly love the opening verse about him arguing with the chick at Cheesecake lol. It’s a little all over the place but I am feeling it. I can bounce to it a little bit which is always a good thing.

Track 16 “Too Good” – We go really uptempo with this one that features Rihanna. I really do love this song because it’s so relatable. I know that I, personally, along with some of you out there have been in situations where we have felt like we were too good for whoever we were with and we felt like we were being taken for granted.

Track 18 “Fire & Desire” – As we come to the last few tracks, we are brought back to the 90’s with a sample from Brandy’s 1st album (one of my all time favs by the way). But we are also back to Drake just doing what he does, profess his love to a female; trying to convince her how he’s better than the other guy. With that aside, this is another favorite track of mine off of the album.

Final Thoughts!

So… Overall, it’s hard to really have a real solid opinion about the album as a whole. I don’t really know what I expected from Drake and this album but I didn’t expect this. He is singing A LOT more on this one but like some reviews have mentioned, he spends most of the album talking about how amazing he is and talking about old girlfriends.

I guess I can say I was a little disappointed because a part of me was expecting him to kill the game with this one. It’s not a bad album but it’s definitely not a Drake classic either. There is talk of another album coming soon so maybe that one will be the one. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment about your thoughts on Drake’s new album. I’m curious about how some you feel about it.







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