#TMRWTUESDAY … Luke Christopher Drops 2 New Tracks for Fans!

So much good music has been released within the last week. And that fact that I have pretty much been excited about all of it reminds me why I love doing this blog for you guys and for myself as well. I get to express how I feel about music while introducing you to music and artists you may not have thought about listening to.

Today I bring you 2 new tracks by one of my favorites Luke Christopher. On Friday he dropped his song “Wrong 4 Luvin U”. It has that old school, R&B beat with a little synthesizer sound mixed in (hopefully I’m hearing that right) in the background. It could actually be a little two-step/ swing out song. I love his “love songs” like this, though, because they are never your typical sappy love songs. They’re real and honest. That’s what love really is. It’s not all fairytales and happy endings, so it only makes sense to show that side of it in a song, right?


Check it out here…


Now, last night he dropped an early #TMRWTuesday track called “Stop This Train”. It’s a slower track and more of a story. That’s what Luke does best, tell a story. The female melody in this song is amazing and gives it so much more depth on top of Luke’s lyrics. It’s just a great song (both of them are) so there isn’t much else to say 🙂


Check it out here…



You guys can check out his other music on www.soundcloud.com/lukechristopher and on iTunes/ Apple Music…

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