Three Originals… Latest Music from Tobe Nwigwe (Muzik Review)

Happy Thursday! I hope that you guys have been enjoying the music reviews because I definitely have more coming. Today I will be talking about someone who I have mentioned before. Tobe Nwigwe dropped a new album early last month (March) called Three Originals. I will also be talking a little about the project before that called More Originals.

If you aren’t too familiar with Tobe Nwigwe and his story, you can check out the first post that I did about him below. I had literally just heard of him for the first time and was blown away. All it took was 2 special cosigners and I knew that his music had to be something special. I will focus on the music more in this post, but ya’ll definitely check him out and let me know what you think 🙂

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More Originals

This is the follow-up to the album prior to this one called The Originals. These projects were basically albums made up of singles that were dropped on, pretty much, a weekly basis. From what I remember, it was every Sunday, and it was called “Get Twisted Sundays”; which I think originated because Fat would do Tobe’s hair on Sundays (adorable, right?). But the vibe and message are still the same, authentic and very “awakened” lyrics.

My favorite tracks from this particular record are “Tabernacle”, “Ten Toes” featuring Luke Whitney, “I’m Dope” featuring David Michael Wyatt. And I love that he included another cipher on this one. Tobe’s ciphers are crazy; the first one I ever heard was the one he did on Sway’s Universe, making me a fan instantly. Also, all of the videos that they release are amazing and super unique.

Check out one of my favorite videos from this project, for “Dope”!

Three Originals

One of the things that I absolutely adore about Tobe is how no matter how much he notoriety he is getting, he remains so genuine. His songs remain vulgar-free and curse-free. He continues to share his love for his wife and soon to be the mother of his child, Fat, his friends, and family. I love when an artist continues to put out powerful and positive music while staying so true to themselves and their purpose.

Some of my favorite tracks off of this one are: “Peep Game” featuring Fat, “Caged Birds” featuring Lanell Grant aka Nell, “Against the Grain” and “Shine” featuring Madeline Edwards. And even though “Ode to Fat” makes me want to cry (LOL), it’s another favorite. Tobe, Fat, and Nell are such beautiful spirits and something that the music world needs. Their music just puts you in a different space, a positive, more aware space.

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