Music Crush! Tobe Nwigwe… From Star Linebacker to New Artist to Watch!

The fact that Bae put me on to Tobe Nwigwe makes this post so much more special. He literally texted me and told me to check him out. It’s rare that he does this so of course I was curious. And, as usual, I was not disappointed and went into research mode right away, which is what normally happens when I get excited about someone 🙂 By the end of this, I hope you feel the same way or can at least see why I feel the way that I do.

Where Did Tobe Nwigwe Come From?

Other than the bio on Tobe Nwigwe’s website and a few articles and interviews, there aren’t any full biographies out there. But many of the information that I am seeing is the same and give us enough information to know a bit about who he is and where he comes from. From what I have been reading, though, I already adore him, his wife Fat, and his producer Nell. I just feel that they are coming from such a genuine, soulful, and powerful place.

Seven things about Nwigwe: (1) He just turned 31 years old. (2) He was a star linebacker at the University of North Texas before a foot injury upended his athletic existence. (3) He is Nigerian American. (4) Tobe is short for “Tobechukwu,” the Igbo word for “Praise God.” (5) “Nwigwe” is pronounced nuh-wee-gweh. (6) He is married to a woman named Fat. (7) They both live in Houston. (8) His most recent series of videos usually feature him, Fat, and LaNell Grant, his producer, who works under the name Nell.

As much as I love getting a chance to put together bios and other cool facts about artists, I’m not mad when an article from another writer sums up my exact feelings. This is the case with the article that I found on The Ringer. They talk about Tobe, his crew, the music, and the videos. When it comes to his “bio”, of sorts, though, I like the information they used. Check Out the rest of this dope article about Tobe here…

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Inspiring Music & Visuals


So, since finding out about Tobe Nwigwe earlier this week, I have done a lot of research, listened to all of his music, and watched some videos. To say that I am blown away would be an understatement. Do you know how hard it is to even think of what my favorite song(s) would be from both of his projects?! I will say, though, that what caught my attention was his cypher on Sway in the Morning’s Sirius XM radio show…

When it comes to Tobe’s flow, he reminds me of Big KRIT (who is another amazing southern-based rapper that Bae put me on a while back). I will always have love for conscious southern rappers… A dope beat and catchy hook is cool but the rappers who reflect all of the pain and happiness that you feel is just so much more appreciated. So far, Tobe has 2 Full EPs Tobe from the Swat and The Originals, which apparently is more of a playlist that is updated every week, and some singles; including his more recent single “Ten Toes” that’s out right now.

Both EPs have the same vibe but the first one, Tobe from the Swat, is definitely more of an introduction, kicking the door down in the process. The Originals is no less heavy-hitting, but no more introduction is needed at this point. This one also includes the cypher that he did (with Sway, above) and a song featuring his wifey Fat, who goes pretty hard herself. It would be unfair to make me pick any favorites at this point so don’t make me do it LOL 🙂

Final Thoughts!

This post is definitely more of showing you an artist that I am super excited about (but I guess that’s every post, huh? LOL). And did I mention that he doesn’t curse on his records? He is a hard-hitting rapper/ lyricist with a message who gets his point across with uttering expletives to do so. How dope is that?!

I hope you guys have a chance to check him out, especially if you love Hip Hop, or someone who is really saying something. Let me know if you do!

Until then, check the video for his new track “Ten Toes”… It’s not as “deep” as some of his other videos but it’s fun and still has a message 🙂


Check Him Out!


Twitter & Instagram @tobenwigwe



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