No Limit… Another Powerful Comeback from Monsta X!

Since it’s been so long since I’ve done one of these, I figured I would make this more about me being a fan, than just doing a “music review”. When I take “breaks” like this, I feel like I am able to enjoy the music more. I get to just be a fan and have fun watching music videos and other promotional activities for the artists. If you guys actually like these better, let me know, because this feels more sincere than just trying to do a review.

So I hope you enjoy my thoughts on my Favs Monsta X’s new album, No Limit, as well as a lot of my other favorite artists who came out last month (that I may have missed)…


Monsta X is Back with No Limit!

It should go without saying at this point, how excited I get when Monsta X releases new music, or does anything really lol. But this new comeback and album hit differently, for some reason, and has me even more excited for their tour next year. I guess you can say that this album reminds me of their We Are Here album (on steroids lol), when I first started listening to them. I don’t want to call it “aggressive” but that’s the best way I can describe it right now.

That video for the lead single “Rush Hour” set off EVERYTHING. Being that my Bias is rapper/ sub vocal/ lead dancer/ songwriter/ composer/ producer Joohoney :)… He shined so bright on this project and I am so proud of him and the rest of the guys. It was hard to sit and find my favorite songs, because I truly love every single song. From the groove on “Ride with U”, to the bridge in “Got me in chains”, I.M and Joohoney on the chorus in “Just love”, Kihyun’s vocals on “Mercy”… It’s just so much *cries happy tears in Monbebe*

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B.I.’s New EP Cosmos!

There is always something about B.I. and the way that he makes music. He’s been writing and producing since before his days with iKon, and he’s only growing and getting better. I’m sitting here trying to pick some favorites but this is hard lol! “Alive” is strong Hip Hop track, showcasing his rhyming skills, but then when we get “NINETEEN”, it’s a slightly slower tempo rock song with rap elements, but his singing in the chorus is “softer”.

The title track “Cosmos” is a Pop/Rock song with the cutest chorus to me. And I guess I can say that “NERD” featuring Colde is one of my favorites; just something about the melody in the chorus gets me everytime. Now, “Lover” is more R&B and I seriously just love his voice and overall vibe for this one. Lastly, “Flame” is DOPE… Like, the opening music is very “Tron”/ 80’s/ 90’s game soundtrack, which is great; and the chorus just hits so hard.

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SF9’s New Album Rumination!

With this new album from SF9, something made me realize that I never really did a deep dive into them as a group, outside of the music, since becoming a fan back in 2019. I’ve always enjoyed the process of getting to know the artists themselves, and this was no different. I also have a Bias and Bias Wrecker (it’s a K-Pop thing if you haven’t noticed yet). And I have also found a brand new appreciation for their style and performances.

They have always been a bit more sexy and “edgy” when it came to styling and dance moves, which I can definitely appreciate. But that should not take away the fact that they are all extremely talented and have amazing personalities. Before I get carried away, I do have some favorite songs from this latest EP, other than the lead single “Trauma” of course. The songs “Memory”, “On and On” were quick favorites for me; even though I can listen to this whole project without skipping.

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Bang Yongguk is Back!

Another rediscovery from my earlier K-Pop fan days in 2019, Bang Yonguk (formerly of BAP). He is back with some new music and looks even more AMAZING than I remember. This new single “RACE” has more of a Rock vibe to it and I have been a fan of his rap style since I first heard him. And of course, I am in love with the aesthetic for the music video, just fits so perfect for this song and his return.

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Victon’s Special Anniversary Single for Fans!

There’s definitely a pattern with this post. Victon is another group I had been listening to for a while before I went back to REALLY check them out and ended up with a Bias (Do Han se) and Bias Wrecker (which is super hard to do but as usual, it kind of just happened). But earlier this month, the guys celebrated their debut anniversary, and dropped a special single and music video for the fans called “Sweet Travel”. That video was so adorable, and my face hurt from smiling so much 🙂


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TO1 New Album RE:ALIZE!

TO1 is one of my “newer”/ younger groups, and I seriously adore them. In case you hadn’t seen my initial post about them, I got into them after seeing them do a cover of EXO’s “Call Me Baby”. But their group style is so different, which is always great since there are so many groups out there. Their most recent EP, especially the title track “No More X”,  took me a couple of listens but I love it.

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TWICE’s New Album Formula of Love:O+T=<3

I am still working on writing about girl groups more, but I always get distracted by my boy groups *shrugs*. But, other than some of the female artists I was already into, I decided to check out TWICE’s latest album. I was quite impressed with them and can understand why their fans go so hard for them. Trying to do a deep dive with their music so hopefully I’ll be talking about them more in the near future.

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ONEUS New Album Blood Moon!

This group is a newer discovery for me, after seeing them a lot and seeing some of my K-Pop friends stan them. So, I checked out this new album Blood Moon and instantly loved everything about them! The lead single “Luna” has so many musical elements to it, that it’s hard to describe, but the chorus is so catchy. It’s hard to pick between their up-tempo songs versus their slower tempo songs.

I will say that “Shut Up… Crazy Hot!” is hard to not sing along too, and “Who You Are” is really such a pretty song, and I love the chorus on this one too. Then I went back to the album before this one, DEVIL, and it is just as amazing as this one. I’m still learning about them. And I have a longer list of groups to check out now, so I’m excited.

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